Choose your BLF LT1 Color Preference!

I want a color ” Metal Gun Gray”

I voted for flat dark earth, but only if it’s FLAT! A shiny finish done in this color would just look like gold flashlights of the old days.

The old “Colt Grey” from the XM177 days. That could be nice.

What’s the effective result of the poll and how did and will do it effect the available colors of the lantern?

The three top votes were for Blaze-Orange, Flat-Dark-Earth, and Olive green as the three main colors we are hoping they can build. They sent me a sample of the Bronze color sample, it looks good as a fourth color. (will do a video on that soon.

If the additional colors will be coming, first available copies could be for public sale this May?

We hope sooner.

I still have a 1 time use code for, would I be able to use it for a coloured one when they come out? or could we sign up for another group buy?

I kind of want to save some $$ if we can get coloured versions.

It’s only good for the black ones.

I thought black and colored were the same.

So what’re the current plans?
And what can be done to support?

We have not heard much back yet from Sofirn or Barry on the colors. We will look into it soon, i know they had some problems with achieving the colors we wanted.

First photographs of the colored versions:

What color is that? They look good!

UPDATE,March,7,2020-Video added of the Bronze LT1 color sample lantern! >>

For original colors, I voted olive green. I’m kinda liking that bronze, too. But it’s a shame that it’s not a proper bronze; so should be darker. You know, more brown to it. Then it would look amazing! This test bronze looks like some weird mix of copper and gold. Do a true bronze and I’m in!

Or burgundy!

Any updates in the last two months?
How did the global pandemic effect Soshine and the LT1 projects?

Not much updates yet, but will post updates as we get them.

Blaze orange gets my vote but love the others as well