Choose your BLF LT1 Color Preference!

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Ok, above is a poll to possible BLF LT1 colors, with their corresponding Pantone-stadard color number. Post a reply below if you like more than one color, (as its not possible to set up a multi-vote poll, (i don’t think. :confounded:
On the list above are:

- Standard Black

- 021 Blaze Orange

- 356 (Forest/Coleman) Green

- 7501 Sand/Gold

- 7503Flat Dark Earth (military)

- 186 Red (similar to Sofirn’s red)

- 286 Blue (similar to Sofirn’s blue)

  • 574 Olive Drab Green ( Military/army green)

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Coleman Green, I’m first vote!
Got first dibs :slight_smile:

photo added above ^

Got 2nd vote. Blaze-Orange. I wanna vote for more than one! Coleman Green too. Since I have 2 reserved. :smiley:

I like them all

I vote orange, FDE, olive green.

If only one vote then Coleman Green

FDE, Coleman Green, and the Blaze orange would be my top 3 in order.

I have my preference list of those, but I can only organize by tiers, not 1-8.


- Olive

- Red

- Orange

- Blue

  • Sand

Will colors be available after the group buy or possible with the second batch after first 500?

I would have liked gray, I’m not a big fan of flashy colors. I like the flat dark earth color best.

Olive green and Flat Dark Earth would be my picks.

Olive drab and Flat Dark Earth for me but the Coleman green is pretty sweet too

Are these colors all possible, or just theoretical colors? Why is black an option if that’s the default?

Black is just there to show as default, We posted the color sheet in the team chat, and hope We will know soon if Sofirn can do these colors in the up coming production batches.

Flat Dark Earth
Olive Green or Coleman Green (both look good to me)
I would like Orange, but don’t much like the Orange sample shown in the above pic (it seems “rusty orange” to me…)

I love them ALL!

I will list my preferences in order, but… I do like them all as long as they look like the pics and not the washed out colors of the orange and green samples posted in the LT1 thread.

1. Olive (As long as it is anodized and not just flat paint or coating)
2. Orange
3. Blue
4. Red
5. Green
6. Flat dark earth
7. Sand
8. Black

I think all of these colors are great. On a scale from 1-10 I think they all fall between 8-10 which is :+1: . These renderings are rich looking with deep colors. As long as the final versions are not washed out all is GOOOD.

The first 5 on my list are chosen primarily because they ARE anodized and not just flat looking paint or a powder coating. The rich color and toughness of hard anodizing are hard to beat. The flat color of the the dark earth is flat for a reason and has it’s appeal as such.

That orange looks really nice.

I got a bunch of those waterproof “pill containers” from AX to hold loose doodads, and while I didn’t think I’d like the orange from the pix and only got one for completeness, when I got it I was wowed. It was the color of (if anyone remembers ’em) Charms candy. Not quite rust, but that deep deep rich orange.


Flat dark earth

No ano /naked