CONUS Only Giveaway - TrustFire TR-003P4 Battery Charger Gifted by LightsCastle - WE HAVE A WINNER!

My sincere apologies for my error of closing the giveaways a day early. It is very upsetting when one cannot read a calendar or remember exactly what day it is any more.

But the results stay as they are. Wrong day or not.


THE WINNER IS saypat, Post#8

Hello -

It's August -

And it's time for some August Giveaways!

This Trustfire TR-003P4 Charger was given to me by LightsCastle, so I could charge cells for the lights I reviewed. I now have an I4 charger and I only ever used this once to check it out. I used the I4 instead, so this charger is now a giveaway courtesy of LightsCastle.


This is a COUNS (Continental USA) Only giveaway. Sorry guys, but it would cost too much for the International Shipping.

Any CONUS member who has been a member On or Before 07-30-2013 can sign up for this giveaway. Just post in this thread and your post number is your lucky entry.

The giveaway ends on 08-08-2013 sometime during the day. will pick the winner.

Have Fun!

thank you for the giveaway, let me be number 1!!! i’m in thanks

Thanks for the generosity! I’m in! I never win these things tho lol

Very cool and thanks for the chance to win.

im in, havent won anything yet but maybe sometime my luck will change :smiley:
Thanks OL

Awesome, I am in! TY for doing this!

Thanks for running all these giveaways!

If I’m nice will you ban me from this giveaway? Sorry I dont want to be nice but don’t let that stop you being nice. Thanks ?? for the giveaway and to LightsCastle for their generosity. Good luck to the winner.

this I need - thanks

:bigsmile: thanks OL.

count me in!

I’m IN…Thanks. :slight_smile:

I could put this to use- please add me!

I’m out! You lucky CONUSes.

I'm in!

Thanks O-L!

Thanks again OL!

I’m in too.

I’m in…Thanks O-L

I’m in. Sort of.
Might pass it on to the another if I win since I don’t need it.
Thanks. :beer:

Four giveaways in one day. This is madness. Thank you O-L and LC!