Converting a Florescent Desk Lamp to LED

Tonight I decided to find out why a florescent desk lamp that I have had for some time quit working. Usually it would have been the bulb but this time it was the ballast. No replacing that and besides the florescent bulb was getting tired. So I decided to convert it to LED. What I decided to use was one of these.

I have used these LED “bulbs” before and they are great. They are primarily intended to screw into an ordinary porcelain light fixture as might be found in an unfinished basement or garage. This “bulb” looks like a light fixture once it is screwed into the porcelain socket.
Here is an example of it’s intended use.

Pictures of my old light.
The old florescent bulb and the ballast is underneath that circular cover.

The bulb, it’s socket and ballast removed.

Next I removed that metal bracket and installed a regular light socket. It was even included in the bulb kit!

Screw in the “bulb”.

And finished. Easy!

The bulb is rated at 830 lumen and of course it is instant on. I am real happy with this mod-repair, very easy and satisfying.


LED is on the left, original florescent in on the right. It is hard to tell from this picture but the florescent is a little warmer in color.