convoy C8 with little scratch ,special offers,only $12.67

This C8 has a little scratch on the head,but no problem with performance
special price,only $12.67

about several hundred in stock ,all was caused by bad production.

Link: C8

Default led and driver : XML2 U2-1A / 7135*6

7135*8 add $0.35

XML2 T6-3B add $0.53
XML2 T6-4C / XML2 T5-5B / XML2 T4-7A add $1.4

How many of these blemish C8’s do you have?

Might be interested in a couple, if you have enough stocks of these.

about several hundred in stock ,all was caused by bad production.

scratch and dent is the boon of “budget” minded folks :wink:

Hang on to one for me…payday is next friday :slight_smile:

For comparison, how much is an unblemished one?

7135*8, XML2 T6-4C - 14.42$
same on banggod, with BLF coupon but no scratch - 15.75$

So, scratch itself means 1.33$ discount.

Hi Simon.
I hope you don’t mind that i cross posted your promo in our local flashlight forum. Till when is this deal?

no matter and thanks ,i think you dont need to worry about the time ,there are sever hundred

Hi Simon,
Will you be offering these as bare host?

I’ll be considering it next Friday as well. Sometimes it sucks only getting paid every two weeks. Please don’t anyone else buy mine (unless you’re buying it for me!)

You know, I think they should consider it. After all, it is the host that is damaged. Would save them a lot of money to sell only the hosts at a discount and keep the guts to make future lights at “full” price.

Simon, what say you?

Doesn’t seem like much of a discount to me. Pass

Well, this isn’t one for those who really don’t need or want another light, but just buy when it doesn’t make sense not to. However, if someone was already interested in this form factor, $1.33 discount per light for such a minor flaw is pretty considerable. This assuming the light isn’t overpriced to begin with, which I’m too newbie to know at this point.

Factor in faster and more reliable shipping (in my experience with Simon). Would much rather a) buy for a little less, and b) get it sooner.

How about shipping ? free global shipping or independant cases ? I’m also interest in host alone. (alot of modding potential ~)

Faster shipping isn’t a rule. My order took a month and 3 days, so not that fast. You can never know how fast delivery will be - with chinese postal offices it’s like random game. Simon cannot make it faster unfortunately.

Bangood at least a couple of times have taken over a week to actually post my items. Simon has always posted within 2 days. Yes, Chinese sellers have no control over the speed china post moves, but the seller has total control over how quickly they put it in the post. A lot of Chinese sellers simply have no urgency in posting items.

That’s true. But the point is that the final delivery time is what matters and unfortunately it’s almost random (even including sellers delays).

Anyway we are being offtopic.


This deal is a little bit cheaper than other sellers (too small discount to be exciting for me), delivery time is random, seller is very reliable.

its $16 at FT, no scratch no nuttin’