Convoy L2-like host for MTG2 build?

I’m looking for a L2-like host for a MTG build.

Since I couldn’t find it anywhere, I wonder if the Convoy L5 has the same no-pill design. I will be driving it @4A with the zenner.

I found a L5 clone here but there are no pictures of the led base or reflector openning. I don’t even know if I can fit a MTG in there…

Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Its got a well built brass pill.

Its not an L5 clone. I would look of it more as the original. Either way, its basically the same light but with OP reflector.

MT-G2 does not fit. You could open up the reflector a bit (with a drill), but I cant say for sure how well that would work in terms of beam.

Here is a review Foy did of the LXP (same light/host but with extender and SMO reflector)

Thanks Race, do you have any recommendations for host for a MTG2 build?

Many people have modded the Yezl Y3, I like the fact the stock driver can be used.

I suggest the Convoy M1
The MTG2 fits, can be screwed down to the pill and a pair of 18350s fit nicely.

Thanks scottyhazzard but I really want something with good runtime and better heat management, 2x 18650 or 26650 is preferred.

There is this thread here that uses the small sun. There is another knock off of this light that uses a battery carrier so there is less modification but I can’t remember it’s name.

Check out the hosts listed in this thread

Dipper D19 from Buying another one to couple it with an MT-G2 as well. It only lacks the AR lens of the original L2.

You sure? I have a Dipper H33 and even though it's not mentioned in the specs, it does have an A/R lens.

The one from banggood certainly doesn’t display that typical purple hue of an AR coated lens. I think it was JohnnyMac or someone else here who bought a more expensive clone that is not a D19 had AR coated lens. The review of it is here some where…

I found it, it’s the Jax-coolight X6, what a fancy name… But looks great

How do I fit the Zener mod driver into the 21.5mm pill??

Something to keep in mind since I see you’re looking at side switch hosts. A zener mod will make always be running if used in a host with no power cut switch, zener mod’s really need a tail clicky or a light that can be locked out. It still works for side button mode switching but if power is always connected its always using a good amount power.

The Jax-coolight L2 clone is a tail clicky, but my problem is that it has a driver opening of 21.5mm. Can you point me to a good driver for a direct fit? The Zener would be too much hassle to make it fit right. IO used to carry a proper driver but it doesn’t show on their page anymore.

How much power do you want?

You should be able to squeeze one of these drivers in there, but you’d have to abandon the 7135’s on the bottom: 22mm 16x 7135 driver for F13 flashlights

It’s not really clear how much space is available in that pill for stacking either.

For DD you could look at the BLF22DD. Again I see no reason that couldn’t be shaved down to 21.5mm.

Wight’s 22mm 16x 7135 driver is a great board design, I’ve used them in all sorts of crap cause it doesn’t require stacking for up to 6A.

I want to push about 4-5A, found this one

kospap used a similar driver! for his mt-g2 build, not sure if it’s the same one…

That’s a nice driver wright, I will look into it…

I don’t know of any problem with the driver you linked to, but it is very large. I wonder if it will fit inside the Jax X6 pill you linked to. It might be fine!

This 5A driver from LCK is quite common, sold elsewhere as well. There’s this 5A with larger toroid, and a 3A with smaller toroid. Fasttech sells a 3A version. Intl-Ouotdoor once sold a kind of customized one with 4A or 4.5A. Depending on manufacturer or seller the board layout and used components are slightly different, but very similar.

Be careful with the 5A variant. I used one in a Convoy L2 / MT-G2 combo (that was a very close fit for the driver) and the driver went dead after about 15 min runtime. My bet is: heat. Although I used as much of this smashy white stuff I could fit inside and between the PCBs of the driver. Darn bright it was, yes… for much too short a time. I think there was a reason that Hank from Intl-Outdoor did not sell the 5A version but a slightly downgraded one.

I recommend potting the 5A driver with JB Weld or anything similar. I’ll never use this one without proper heat management again.

Thanks for your feedback!

I think I will take my chances and do my best heatsinking the 5A driver… Or fit the zenner with this neat 17-to-20mm copper adapter ring I found.

If none of these options work, I will go direct drive with the BLFDD.

When you say zenner… what driver are you referring to?