Convoy L2 XHP50.2 K2-1C outdoor performance

you need a larger area to test in! :slight_smile:

uh ,it’s hard to find an open land without lights here.
Most of the Chinese live in high-rise buildings, and the villas with large lawns are extravagant to us. :cry:

You could light from one of those high buildings and light to another, as long as you use fixed camera exposure settings I see no problems in doing so with the light not white out at too high exposure
Adding the distance from google maps for example

yes ,i understand.
and i saw many posts on forum doing review as you said.
But there is no such place in the environment around me.

It’s better that if some BLFer can help me :laughing: My video is just a preliminary demonstration

Are these available to order? I may purchase one and give it a go.

Simon do you have any plane to make L2 with XHP35 ?

Simon , do you sell the XHP 50.2 NW on a 26 mm board in your store?

Simon is the owner of convoy. This light will be for sale soon.

Unlikely, as the XHP35 is only available in a 12V configuration, which would require the use of a boost driver. The XHP50 and XHP70 are also available in 6V configurations, which is what Simon is using here. Powering a 6V emitter with two cells in series is relatively straightforward. Developing a 12V boost driver would be considerably more difficult.

yes, i will get the XHP35 driver sample for L2 several days later
but the max output current is 1000mA,
is it too low?

i supply driver ,too
i know some BLFers already have L2 flashlight,they may DIY it themselves

i dont have 26mm DTP copper board
it seems that 25mm is regular size ,i can get some from manufacturer

i will supply XHP35 driver for L2 flashlight soon :smiley:

You can give 2000mA to the XHP35 and it will good. Maybe measure heat and add a timed 5 minute stepdown on turbo.

Thanks, 25 mm would be good. I will message you on your AliExpress store.

Edit : I don’t see 5000k at your site. Not available?

no 5000K in stock presently ,i will order some if you need it ,my email is

Good news but 1000mA is quite low I would like to get 2000mA .

i will get some 25mm xhp50 DTP board samples tomorrow

Simon, is there any chance to get the Convoy L6 tail cap / tail part as spare part?

It would be great to use it for high current purposes on other flashlights.

I plan to make a considerable purchase order on your webshop and this would be the icing of the cake. :LOVE:

Thank you.