Convoy L2 XHP50.2 K2-1C outdoor performance

Are you just talking about the inside switch

No, actually I'm looking for the entire tailcap unit with the outside switch.

i dont have spare tail
but if you need the tailcap and the switch ,i can send you some for free

If there is an XHP35 model coming I will definately be buying one of those. Hopefully there will be a 3500/4000K version. That would be awesome.

Thank you Simon, that would be great! I will leave a message in my AliExpress order. :-) :BEER:

I think, this set could be good for a premium XHP35 HI L2 variant:

5700K 90CRI - Pure white:
XHP35A-H0-0000-0D0UC257E or XHP35A-H0-0000-0D0UC20E2

4500K 90CRI - Neutral white:
XHP35A-H0-0000-0D0UB445E or XHP35A-H0-0000-0D0UB40E4

3500K 90CRI - Warm white:
XHP35A-H0-0000-0D0UB235E or XHP35A-H0-0000-0D0UB20E6

I think, 80 CRI emitters could be also considered, but a high CRI thrower looks brilliant.

Another (probably stupid) question: If I add multiple items to my shopping cart and choose "ePacket" as shipping method it looks as if I am being charged for shipping cost for each item again and again. In the end this adds up to quite a big amount of shipping cost. Is this correct this way or am I overlooking something and it can be corrected later on before I actually pay with PayPal?

Looking great Simon!!

Good to hear your are still bringing out some new stuff.

About the XHP35 driver, go with a minimum of at least 1500mA, 2000mA would be great if possible.

the amount should be $93.29,
if you pay for your order on aliexpress, i will adjust the amount to reduce the repeated shipping cost.
if you transfer money to me via paypal ,you can leave me your paypal account, i will send payment request

the inner diameter of L2 for driver is too small for XHP35,
i’m ready to enlarge it to 30mm,
maybe i will use L6 host directly

Thank you Simon! That sounds terrific! :-)

Looking forward this light as well :slight_smile:

Me too ,hope Simon drive it hard to 2000 mA .

How about equipping it with the CSLNM1.TG or CSLPM1.TG? I read people were getting 500kcd + with the L2.

I made 541 kcd with CSLNM1.TG in L6
But it is not very easy to focus good and I needed to leave centering ring out so forr mass production it is a pain to set up those leds focus properly.

For mass protection, if they make an mcpcb specific to this emitter and centering ring, focusing shouldn’t be a problem.

They need to make a new reflector because the current need to sit directly on MCPCB and I needed to gring the reflector bottom to clear wires. Or need to use bigger MCPCB also. It is very picky about reflector height. If you are 0,1mm higher or lower with reflector than perfect you easily loose 50-100 kcd.

An xhp35 L6 with full function side switch and anduril would be amazing! Please use some kind of ramping e switch action if possible. Also, don’t overlook the low-lumen modes. I love the low on my L6, and think a lower moonlight and firefly set of modes could be useful, especially for using while eyes are dark adapted. It could run forever at one or even ten lumens! I would keep the forward clicky tail switch, but make sure it can be turned on and off with the side switch. The tail switch could be used for signaling, tactical uses, and lock out. A high cri option, like 90+ would be sweet too. Whatever you come up with, I’m in!

Your idea is very helpful to me, the driver manufacturer is making a drive sample for the XHP35 that fits the L6 host.

I’m not sure how realistic it is, but driver updates based on BLF firmware would be fantastic.

Andruil (or Narsil) on side switch lights would be amazing.

Although I love the 8x7135 Biscotti driver, something like a Moonlight Special style 1x7135 + 7x7135 would be great for a lower moonlight mode in the S series, and a TA style FET+n+1 would be nice in the M and BD series. Obviously these drivers are already available elsewhere but it would be great be able to order a Convey with them already installed.

Getting well off-topic from the L2 and L6, I’d really love to see a T2 with an updated driver - faster PWM, either off-time memory or no memory, and either no strobe or a really well hidden one (four taps). Good 1.5v boost drivers and easy-to-mod AA lights are hard to find.