Convoy L2 XHP50.2 K2-1C outdoor performance

Hopefully this will be XHP35 HI :slight_smile:

Do you make a camo green L2? Gearbest is selling one and I ordered it. When I got it today it was the desert sand. I have contacted them with the discrepancy and hopefully will hear from them soon. Just curious if the camo green really exist.

My driver manufacturer has began to research the Narsil :smiley:

Yes, i mean XHP35 HI :stuck_out_tongue:

i only have black/desert tan/silver L2

Simon, that is the best news you have given us lately !

I think it would be good to research both NarsilM and Anduril firmwares… :slight_smile:

:+1: :beer: :face_with_monocle:

I bought a Pastel Blue S2+ on Gearbest a while ago out of curiosity. It was really the same grey I already have several of. No complaints as it was only $9.99 and I like the grey. Seems like a trick though. Maybe same seller.

could you share the thread link regarding Anduril with me ? :smiley:

I am very sorry about the color deviation in the oxidation plant.

There is no deviation in the oxidation. Different sellers are using different words for the same color. some call it blue, most call it gray.
when I look at it I see more blue than gray. I prefer it to gray.

I can help you with that. It’s probably best to figure out the details through email or private messages though.

wow ,so much thanks for your big help ,Toykeeper,
I want to know the operation of this firmware.
My email is

Simon. Off subject a little.
I ordered and got a C8+ recently.
Ordered Desert sand. Got a chocolate brown. (dark chocolate)
I did send a note on Paypal page but never got an answer
but I didn’t want to cause a stir
What would it cost me for a head and body in Desert sand Del to Australia.

uh ,can you send photos to my email directly ,friend.
i will tackle this problem

This is sort of off-topic for this message about the L2… But body anodizing color inconsistency might also affect the other flashlights…

Do you mean something like this? (on each set of photos below, the left C8+ is darker brown)

This post makes me very happy. :smiley:

Sorry for the unpleasantness, there are differences in oxidation color due to different oxidation batches.
I can make some compensation, or give some small gifts next time.

I’ll send Simon Photo in daylight tomorrow (6.30 pm Fri here now)
It’s probably between the two lower photo’s there.
Compared to the light desert Tan on sales page when buying
and I expected.

Anyway this t’ween Simon and self.
Back to L2.
I have stock one. to go with my stock L6 and couldn’t be happier with either.
Great torches for standard people like myself.
I’ve tried soldering some but end up “dead” mostly.
at 77 too clumsy anymore I think, Overcook?? whatever.
so I just enjoy what I got.