Convoy L2 XHP50.2 K2-1C outdoor performance

I’ve ordered an L2 :smiley: hopefully not too long until receiving

Ordered an L6 from banggood awhile ago and the battery tube ring was missing. They argued that it comes without it now lol. After 5-6 emails they sent me a whole new L6 :smiley: . Messaged Simon and he’s sent me the part free !!! I got a free L6

That sounds good.

My experience before was not so good — I ordered a Convoy L2 before, when BG had it in flash sale. Package arrived but was missing the 18650-to-26650 adapter rings (supposed to come with 4pcs adapter rings — which I checked from other people’s reviews).

I complained to Banggood, and they sent me just 1pc adapter ring only (instead of 4pcs which I mentioned)! In our country’s Post Office system, receiving any package thru the Postal System, even a small package like just the 18650-to-26650 adapter ring, there is a “tax” or “fee” of around $2. So, the replacement 1pc adapter ring actually added $2 to my cost. I just didn’t it worthy to ask BG to send me the 3 additional adapter rings (where I have to pay another $2 again just to receive the package…)

I hadn’t thought of mentioning that to Simon, instead I ordered/paid for the 18650-to-26650 adapter rings from Simon’s AliExpress store…

It looks like the “Banggood flash sale” items has quite a big chance of missing some stuff…

If you encounter such a problem next time, you can contact me directly. :slight_smile:

Dear Simon, do you possibly have some good news for us ? :slight_smile:

I received the L2 XHP50.2 and it’s awesome. Tested to be 1950 lumens for the cool white tint.

I think I’d rather a reverse clicky though since there’s no side switch like the L6. Just takes a bit of getting used to

@mhds, Simon always has good news for us.

He’s probably the best flashlight seller on Aliexpress.

My XHP50 L2 came in last Wednesday. Awesome light. Hope an XHP35 is coming soon. With tint options.

Simon, Do you have plans to make an L2 with an HXP35 HI? How awesome would that be?

Thank You for everything!

How about selling just the complete latest head for the L2.
To update the original XP-L’s.
Just for us clumsy old farts that seem to burn it out every time I try to do it.
There’d be others in same position as Me I’d think?.
Weld. Not a problem. Solder Hmmmm.

hmm, how about step-less dimming drivers? i got a real bug in my pants about clicky modes lol…sy. (boost mode is an exseption of course :stuck_out_tongue: )

needless to say the timing is everything, some step-less you have to have the gift of the gods to stop it where it wants to be.

Based on some reviews I read, the stock Convoy L2 with XPL-Hi is supposed to have a throw of somewhere around 700+ meters. (120+ kcd??)

Any idea how many meters throw would the Convoy L2 with XHP50.2 do?

I estimate around the same throw as XP-L HI version but more spill and bigger spot. But soon I will get mine from Simon and I will make some measurements.

Driver manufacturer sent me a xhp35 driver sample to me , but it only outputs 1000mA.
I think it’s big enough, Limited by size,i want apply xhp35 in L6 host with 2A xhp35 driver.

i’m sorry ,i dont have seperate head

70kcd, about 530m

Wait a few days and I will measure the new XHP50.2 version and add it to my tables.
The XP-L HI L2 done 141700 cd
XM-L2 done 71750 cd
I think the XHP50.2 will make around 100000 cd

That would be really great !

You want to make a L6 with a XHP35 using a boost driver running at 2amps i think that would be a popular light. You should have a big enough driver diameter to get enough power out of the driver without issues driver will still run hot but should be manageable.

Other option would be a buck driver using 4 26350 cells that would give over 1 hour run time on highest output and you would not have to modify the battery tube. I think this would be a niche item because not many people have 26350s but you could bundle them as a package.

I have a crappy light i bought from Aliexpress its got a similiar size reflector to the L2 and i put a buck driver in it with a XHP50.2 resistor modded the driver its around 9amps now. I sliced the dome on the XHP50.2 the beam pattern is really good. Throw is good better than my stock L6 and S70 and output is similiar.

Simon was closer than me to numbers. :smiley:
I just measured the new XHP50.2 4000K L2 and got this:
1829 lumens and 49200 cd
It has more spill than XP-L HI and XM-L2 version. It lights up the surrounding area much better. Soon I will upload the video I made.

L2 XHP50.2 video

everydaysurvivalgear, have you measured the actual emitter amperage after your resistor mod to the driver? Just curious what that 9A reading you listed is doing for the emitter…