Convoy L2 XHP50.2 K2-1C outdoor performance

Convoy’s my favorite. My next light will be a L2. I don’t need it, but you know how that is. I run hounds. (no animals harmed). I usually carry an S2 and a C8. I use as little light as I can to get through the woods, then a light with throw to find what they’ve treed, or at least see eyes through lots of foliage. Could somebody please explain how to choose between a L2 XHP35, XHP50.2 or XPH70.2 , or maybe something else. I want most throw and narrowest beam.
Forgive me if this is easily searchable. My old computer with dial up is a mess.

You can’t buy XHP35 or XHP70.2 L2 yet. You only can choose XP-L HI, XM-L2 and XHP50.2.
For most throw choose XP-L HI version or wait a few months because Simon want to release XHP35 HI version.

In my experience with modding the L2, the XP-L HI will give the most throw even over the XHP-35. Sufficient to say though, the XHP-35 comes close and gives more total output in the process. Significantly more light.

I have a machined finish L2 with XHP-35 HI using a prototype boost driver and it really seriously rocks. :smiley: (~2300 lumens? Edit: From notes, 2246 lumens at 266.75Kcd for 1033M throw) Run time on a single high discharge 26650 is similar to what a pushed XP-L HI will draw, the extra lumens come in very handy. I also have a black L2 with extension tubes and 4 26350 cells utilizing a tweaked LED4POWER driver to run the XHP-35 at a maximum, it too does a very good job and run time is sufficient for me. I do like the short configuration of the L2 the most though and the machined finish light is just exceptional, jewelry grade. :heart_eyes: Thanks Simon! :+1:

Edit: FWIW a sliced and diced SST-40 also rocks the L2. Just saying… (careful, this one has bond wires!)

Edit: To add, a modified L2 with XHP-70.2 also impresses, just not so much in the throw department. I built one for my Bro-in-Law that he loves, something in the 7000 lumens range. He’s a hunter and uses it regularly, fights my nephew over it all the time! lol

Hi Simon, any updates for the XHP35 type light?

Another question, will the L2 XHP50.2 run on 1 cell, or do you need 2 cells?

Regards, P.

i’m waiting for the driver

L2 XHP50.2 must run on 2pcs cells

Hi Simon, do you possibly have some update ?

H1-A driver makes it possible with a single cell. Available in LHT Flashlight Store and its sister shop Kaidomain. I have one running inside a super modified SK98, using additional stacked R100 + R330 + R330 sense resistors for up to ≈4.20A of output current without issues (using an additional 47µF output capacitor too).

Cheers ^:)

driver for XHP35 HI?
i got the sample ,
i will get suitable gasket soon

The entire L2 flashlight with XHP35 HI :slight_smile:

i’m ready to launch L6 with XHP35 HI ,
the original reflector of L6 is not suitable .
manufacturer is designing new reflector and gasket

Hi Simon,

Can you please give us some more information about the XHP35 HI driver?
Is it a new developed driver from your usual supplier or does it come from KD?
Will it also work 1S (1x 26650) or 2S (2x26650) only?
What is the maximum current it can apply to the XHP35 HI?
What diameter sizes of the driver can you offer?

Thank you!

Looking forward to it Simon, Thank you for going to the extremes for us! :slight_smile:

Thank you Simon, in return I’ll keep buying Convoy as most often of all :beer:

This is going to be awesome. Be a great addition to the collection.

2A output ,diameter 30mm ,

only runs on 2*26650

what’s the max intensity of BLF GT?

i got a L6 reflector today ,it’s bad ,
i use L2 reflector ,i got 160000CD if XHP35 HI runs on 2A current

(the bin of XHP35 HI is D4 50E)

Okay, so it’s not possible to boost to 12V with only one battery. :frowning: I guess Kaidomain’s H1-A will still need some tuning for providing 1.5A to the XHP35HI from a single cell. But I see that Sofirn will soon launch the C8G (1x 21700 with XHP35 HI, SMO and 2.000lm). In my opinion the Convoy L2 makes much more sense with XHP35 HI. The L6 is quite a large light for this little amount of lumens (max. 2.000lm), its small reflector diameter in comparison to its length and its moderate power consumption. The XHP35 HI is - to my mind - for throwers and the L6 is more or less an allround-like flashlight but no thrower, perfect for XHP50.2 or XHP70.2. Just sayin’… :wink:

According to Jensen567's figures the H2-C still did well at “2A” gear, but pay attention to the already low efficiency at that point (1S input with R075 + R075 sense resistors). Since high mode uses a 60 second stepdown you may try an R100 over the stock R050 (2.25A maximum), but beware of the low efficiency risks, high current losses in switches, springs, etc.

If I were Simon I would go to driver designers and manufacturers and tell them to “stop complaining and make an outstandingly powerful driver, this is for enthusiasts”.


boosting to 12V with only one battery can be designed,But the efficiency is too low,

The BLF GT has 800 to 1200kcd. Depends on how good batch one get.

Simon, just so you know, Richard at MTN Electronics has designed a Boost driver that works with one or two cells and delivers 2.3A to the XHP-35. This is good for over 2000 lumens in your C8+. :slight_smile: Perhaps you should work out a deal with Richard?

For what it’s worth, this same driver of Richards also excels in the L2, amazing lights these 2! :smiley: