Convoy L2 XHP50.2 K2-1C outdoor performance

Looking forward to it Simon, Thank you for going to the extremes for us! :slight_smile:

Thank you Simon, in return I’ll keep buying Convoy as most often of all :beer:

This is going to be awesome. Be a great addition to the collection.

2A output ,diameter 30mm ,

only runs on 2*26650

what’s the max intensity of BLF GT?

i got a L6 reflector today ,it’s bad ,
i use L2 reflector ,i got 160000CD if XHP35 HI runs on 2A current

(the bin of XHP35 HI is D4 50E)

Okay, so it’s not possible to boost to 12V with only one battery. :frowning: I guess Kaidomain’s H1-A will still need some tuning for providing 1.5A to the XHP35HI from a single cell. But I see that Sofirn will soon launch the C8G (1x 21700 with XHP35 HI, SMO and 2.000lm). In my opinion the Convoy L2 makes much more sense with XHP35 HI. The L6 is quite a large light for this little amount of lumens (max. 2.000lm), its small reflector diameter in comparison to its length and its moderate power consumption. The XHP35 HI is - to my mind - for throwers and the L6 is more or less an allround-like flashlight but no thrower, perfect for XHP50.2 or XHP70.2. Just sayin’… :wink:

According to Jensen567's figures the H2-C still did well at “2A” gear, but pay attention to the already low efficiency at that point (1S input with R075 + R075 sense resistors). Since high mode uses a 60 second stepdown you may try an R100 over the stock R050 (2.25A maximum), but beware of the low efficiency risks, high current losses in switches, springs, etc.

If I were Simon I would go to driver designers and manufacturers and tell them to “stop complaining and make an outstandingly powerful driver, this is for enthusiasts”.


boosting to 12V with only one battery can be designed,But the efficiency is too low,

The BLF GT has 800 to 1200kcd. Depends on how good batch one get.

Simon, just so you know, Richard at MTN Electronics has designed a Boost driver that works with one or two cells and delivers 2.3A to the XHP-35. This is good for over 2000 lumens in your C8+. :slight_smile: Perhaps you should work out a deal with Richard?

For what it’s worth, this same driver of Richards also excels in the L2, amazing lights these 2! :smiley:

Oof that would be super expensive.

Maybe a special BLF edition at 70-80$US?

uh ,thanks,i still want to install XHP35 HI in L6,
At present, the design of the reflector is not ideal.

I put a 3v XHP50.2 in my L2 @12A (single cell). it’s a nice light, easy to focus. just guesstimating by eye, CD is a little higher than stock, but quadruple the lumens.

About the anodizing, my l2 came like it was wrapped in sandpaper compared to the super smooth ano from the S2+’s

Can I buy drivers on aliexpress or banggood. I want to upgrade convoy L2 with XHP70.2. Thank you

I don’t know of available drivers that will supply the optimum current to the XHP-35 as far as Banggood or even on Aliexpress. The drivers I have used are from members of this forum. One in the US and one overseas. LED4Power’s drivers can be configured to use 4 cells to power the 35, these require extension tubes on the L2 to allow the use of 4 26650’s or a normal 2 cell tube set-up can make use of 26350’s with shorter run times. The US made Boost driver can use one or two cells to power the 35 to 2.3A or so, these are the more expensive but more compact option. This latter comes from Richard at MTNElectronics.

Thanks so much my friend

LD-B4HV 2-12Amp 2S/4S Multi-Cell 17mm Constant Current LED Flashlight Driver (External MOSFET Support)

20mm MTN-BST3 Boost Driver

He said he doesn’t plan on making any more of these.

He has new options I suppose. I haven’t looked at his drivers for 12V use lately, bet he could shed light on it though if asked. :wink:

Is there an L2 extension tube available separately? I’ve seen pictures of an L2 that comes with one that looks like it’d screw into the L2/L6:

Asking because I just got an L6 and it’s great, but surprisingly it’s smaller than I’d hoped for. Would love to be able to add an extension tube or two and swap the driver for a 3S or 4S one to have a proper maglite form-factor replacement with modern internals!

sorry ,i dont have extension tube