Convoy lanyard hole.

I wanted to buy a convoy S2+ or and S3 and couple it with a diffuser and use it as a lantern to use during power outages.

I wanted models with lanyard holes on the Tail part to be facing each other directly opposite so that I can tie the lanyard through them and hang them down exactly perpendicular to the ceiling.

The problem I face now is that Convoy has updated these models and now they sell with either a single lanyard hole or with two of then next to each other.

This creates a center of gravity problem which makes the flashlight hang down at an unwanted angle.

So is there any workaround to get the new models to hand down perpendicularly? lanyard tricks maybe? or is it possible to buy the old Tail separately?

Okay, so you got holes at 2 and 4, and 8 and 10 (o’clock) instead of 3 and 9.

Thread the lanyard through 4 and 10, or through 2 and 8.

Bah, looking at my Sofirn which has 2/4/8/10. The Convoy only has 2/4? Never noticed, or needed to.

Might have to drill holes on the opposite side if you really need it.

Just checked, all my newer Convoys only have the holes on one side, so 2 and 4 (o’clock). the picture above is slightly misleading because it assumes 4 holes and not 2.

With only 2 holes on one side you can’t hang them as intended by OP

edit: the only solution might be using a longer string and somehow construct a solution around the entire tailcap, maybe?

Just thought… if you don’t mind mangling a clip, bend it outwards and attach an appropriate-mass counterweight to angle it straight down.

Take some small diameter flexible PVC . Cut a piece 4 or 5 inches long . Dremel a hook into one end and split the other end in order to slide it onto the tailcap . With heat , bend the hook enough to make the flashlight hang perpendicularly .

In that case, even simpler, use a balloon over the tailcap as a sort of “flashlight condom” and loop the lanyard around the free end.

Can still turn the light on/off without having to remove the pvc cap (or balloon).

Is Sofirn a good alternative to Convoy? do they have neutral white option?
Amateur drilling will look messy on a finely machined piece of metal. :smiley:

What should I do exactly with a longer string?

I did not understand the last part. Could you kindly explain that part. :frowning:

It would work, but then I don’t like this idea.

how would it work? wouldn’t the hanging flashlight just freely rotate and change the angle?

just bend a U shaped wire around the light, bend in hooks at the ends to go into holes. Like this light.

Use a heat source to heat up the hook part of the contraption and let it cool in a position that will allow it to hang straight .
Heat it , bend it , let it cool , try it , adjust it as needed .

Lightbringer this is such a brilliant and custom solution that it should be illegal! :GRAD:

I’d ask Simon if he has any of the old style, or what I think is even better, if he has a stash of the old style tail caps.

If you have a deep carry clip, you may be able to position the clip opposite the lanyard holes and thread a string through the holes and through the clip. Might not be perfect, but could be “good enough”.

edit: Or take one loop of string and put it around the clip, and then run another string through this loop and the lanyard holes.

Eagle Eye X2R has 4 holes in tail cap
its 1.6A but a great allround light

I have it in my car with a red convoy diffusor

I got a Eagle Eye X2R modded with XPL HD V6-3D and micro tectured lens
And a red and white diffusor cap from Simons Convoy Shop

But that would require 2 holes facing opposite to each other right?

What hook part :???:

Already asked him, no reply so far. :frowning:

That light looks good…. but I hate the charging port.

You will have to cut a hook out of one end of the PVC .
I suggested using a Dremel tool , but some heavy-duty shears might suffice .

Did you consider BLF A6 / Asrolux S1?
It has 4 holes on opposite sides…

Wouldn’t matter. Put the clip on the light so that it’s exactly in-line with where the string bends off the hole in the tailcap. Bend the clip outwards at a right-angle. Any weight on the end of the clip will pull that side downward, so that the lens-part of the light, instead of angling towards that string, will now tend to bend away from it.

Balance the weight so the light’s going to be aiming straight down. Then, it can spin ’round and ’round and it won’t make any difference; the light will be shining straight down.

It is, in at least 37 states as of this writing.

(Ohio’s on the fence, else it’d be 38.)

Oh, ok. now I understand.

Yes, now I get it.

Indeed it has holes on opposite sides. It’s a bit pricier than convoy I guess. Also no 4500K color option.