convoy m1 and m2

WORD. It also has two advantages: it makes the line timeless, and most of the hosts can pretty much be made on a lathe alone. Even the new ones.

I put a lighted reverse clickie in mine and forgot that I can’t program it with one of those. No way to do a half click from off.

At least my memory is on!

Well said!! I totally agree…. :+1:

My Biscotti update. It was for sure the driver that was screwed up on my M1.

I got a C8+ today that has Biscotti & the UI works exactly as it is supposed to. First time, every time. . :+1:

Very glad to know I was not loosing my touch or… my mind. . :wink:

There was a buggy batch of Biscotti drivers where everything ran twice as fast as it should, i.e. short half-presses were really short, so it was hard to configure.

Drivers with that behaviour still crop up from time to time, so I have a nasty feeling some of them got mixed into Simon’s general stock before he could pull them.

Fortunately, Simon will be happy to send you a replacement driver.

I have those “defective” drivers on my M1 (yay, relevant post!) and newer S2. I find them to be the perfect speed for me - the “correct” drivers take forever to get to the mode group that I want :confounded:

Now it makes sense, I found that the 4*7135 Biscotti that I bought few months ago were really fast. I prefer that but you got to be reactive to use it for sure

Not totally relevant, but in addition to the M1 &M2, Convoy briefly offered an L1 that used either 1 or 2 18650s (with the included extension) and ran an LD29 driver. The head is a bit bigger than the M1, and the reflector is deeper. The tube handles two protected 18650b’s with ease, with a plunger tailcap and a tail switch that takes serious thumb power to activate.

I don’t know why they dropped it, except that it might have been too expensive to build or fit in with their product line. I have one, and it’s a tank! It’s another whole level of build quality over the M2, and I see the M2 as outstanding.

If you ever come across an L1 in good shape, don’t pass it up. I know for sure I’ll be upgrading drivers and emitters in this one for years to come.

Many users have the new Convoy M1 and M2 torches. I also have it :slight_smile:
On the weekend I will try to compare the old and new version as I did with Convoy s2+ . I hope you will want to see the video :slight_smile:

Left old one, right new.

Convoy M1

Convoy M2

Don’t forget to mention that you can also request a Nichia 219C upon purchase too, yes?

Yes, or even an SST-20 for maximum throw potential :smiley:

do tell… hmm interest piqued

Well, the SST-20 is about 30% throwier on average per lumen compared to the XP-L HI.

So, with something like an Convoy C8(65kcd), since efficiency of the XP-L HI is about the same as the SST-20 5000k, the SST-20 would be easily making 85kcd without any change whatsoever.

With Nichia, it’s probably only when you talk to Simon. I do not see this option in the default selection. That’s what you mean ?

Can someone recommend a shop with a cheap Luminus SST-20 ? I think I will need one to buy for the test :slight_smile:


First video - Convoy M1 comparison (old and new version)

  • Short review
  • Outside test
  • Beamshot

No English subtitles at least?

Sorry, translation of the whole film is impossible for me. I will try to write about the differences on my site, and then you can use a translator to read it. I invite you to watch from this moment Latarka Convoy M1 - porównanie starej i nowej wersji (4K) [Review, test & beamshot Convoy M1] - YouTube
I apologize for the inconvenience.

M2 comparison here. You have a field test video under this link.

Ok, I want max punch/throw… M1 or M2…? and request an SST-20?

I appreciate your guidance

Definitely the M1. It has a wider head and bigger reflector, so the spot is tighter. The M2 is more on the floody side.