Convoy S2+ - thread is different now

About a month ago I got a couple remote switches for S2. They wouldn’t thread on any of my existing S2

Simon said there was a bad batch with wrong threads and refunded.

Then I ordered three sst20 x6 biscotti. I asked for short tubes instead of large tubes as I have a pile of extra large tubes, but short 18350 tubes (ideally uniquely colored so I can keep track of led/drivers) and a magnnet are what I usually use on these. He didn’t send the short tubes like he has in the past. So I try to put a short tube on one, and the threads don’t match! Head or tail!

When I asked about these new ones, he say
id, “I’m sorry, The thread is changed.” The new ones fit the remote switches that didn’t fit any of my other S2+.

So beware, evidently there is a change in the threads on some Convoy flashlights now, so not everything will fit everything else any more.

Actually I went back to see exactly what he said about the remote switches. He did not say there was anything wrong with them, he said, “oh ,sorry ,it’s a new batch,the thread is different.
I didn’t realize this before shipping,
it’s my fault ,you can ask refund”

I can confirm this on a new Convoy S2+ SST40 that I got - its head or tailcap won’t screw with my previous Convoy S2+ (XM-L2, XPL-Hi) body tubes.

Whereas the older Convoy S2+ battery tubes can ‘lego’ with each other, but not this new one.


I also got a Convoy remote switch for S2+ — it doesn’t screw properly on my previous Convoy S2; I had not tried it on the “newer” S2 SST40, but now that you mentioned it — I just tried it, and it’s as you mentioned — the S2+ remote switch screws properly on the newer Convoy S2+.


What I also noticed is that the pill installed inside a “new” S2+ body will not lego with the older S2+ head (the screw threads are different).

This is unfortunate news.

Thanks for confirming! And that’s bad news - the very next thing I was going to do is move these sst20/biscotti into older heads to I can use the short tubes with them!

I asked for short tubes that match the new threads, I’ll report back when he replies. If someone else could ask too that would be great. He’s kind of brief in the amount of information he provides.

Thats sad, that was exactly Convoy’s strong point, everything LEGO’d with eachother unlike other chinese brands with varying material quality and different assemblies, threads and so on.

Hopefully Simon will get rid of that bad batch and go back to his old good quality and interchangeable parts.

@Simon Mao, are you listening?

Uh oh first the proprietary drivers, now this.

Any idea this was done intentionally? Or was it accidental and now Simon is forced to fill up a hole with another hole (Dutch expression).
If the threads on the tube are wrong, you need a head, and a tailcap with the same (new) threads.
And because the pill screws into the head like the tube does, also a new pill with the same threads.

I remember something similar. Parts of the new BLF A6 were intended to lego with the BLF EE X6.
It was said that a first batch of a certain part was made with wrong dimensions, and the production of the other part were re-designed to fit that first batch.

Was it due to some machining that require a new tool or am I spewing nonsense?
I know how some knurling was different because they replaced a new wheel but then again I know nothing about aluminium machinery and how they make threads

Does Alu S2+ have now threads of current copper model?

It depends on the batch, there were 2 copper batches where one was identical to aluminium and the other wasn’t

I’ve bought the last piece of the first Cu batch. Threads are fully identical to the existing Alu ones.
Does NOT mean threads of the second Cu batch is identical to those of the “new” aluminum S2+.

I ordered two S2+ on 2020-08-09, nit arrived yet. One is with XPL HI 8*7135 Biscotti. The other is SST40.
It’ll be “interesting” to see the threads of both !
I assume the XPL HI has old threads and the SST40 has new threads?
So they won’t LEGO with each other? :frowning:
Or they both have new threads?
Then they certainly won’t LEGO with my old S2+ :frowning: :confounded:
btw, My old S2+ are from 2017 and 2018 .

I’m very sorry, because we need to use a standardized mold, all the threads have to be changed. The molds used before are all hand-polished.
Before that, I also realized that there would be many problems,

It’s great that Simon continues to take responsibility for any Convoy mishaps that come along! He’s an honest and reputable seller. :+1:

Thanks for the info Simon.
So basically this change of threads specification is due to new production/manufacturing process which is more efficient, and not caused by some random mistakes in the machining department?

If that’s the case here, then I’m personally OK with that, as long as each flashlight is fit properly and works well, and this change is as planned and designed, therefore it is consistent for current and future batches . More efficient production process is good.

Please can you measure new thread size diameter and pass of body tube?

Any buyer who has purchased 18350 tube and S2+ remote switch, and there is a mismatch, can ask me to apply for a refund.

Simon. Do you still have old stock of original thread? What colours?

red blue green S2+ ,old thread
But they will be changed in the future.