Convoy S2+ - thread is different now

Thank you for answering.
So all other colours are the new thread.

LoL! And just half a day ago or so a friend of mine was asking me about a 18350 tube for some Convoy S2. :???:

My guess is I'd need to take some careful inspection to them, I think his (2x?) S2s were built with hosts from FastTech long ago.

Standardization is a boon, let me say.

Let us know. OR make a note in the description.

Dang. I was looking forward to putting my brass 18350 tube on the new s2+ with sst40 emitter. Time to order an old s2+ I guess.

Would be nice if Copper S2+ and new Alu S2+ had the same threads.
Copper S2+ Head can match with S2+ body tube?

The old thread is a trapezoidal thread, the new thread is a rectangular thread,

The new copper S2+ uses rectangular threads,
it matches with S2+ body with new thread now

Hi Simon.
Do you still have 18350 tubes in stock of the old style? I’d be looking to grab some before they are gone. Violet, desert tan, etc.

These are threads of my copper S2+ Ordered on december 2019
Will match with new S2+ Alu parts?
I assume also that the Pills are the same too

Im really suprized to hear that these are cast. They look machined to me. In fact, it’s pretty much impossible to get a quality cnc machined type finish using a mold with aluminum.

Probably are machined. Translation thing.

That’s helpful information it would be good to include “Square threads” in the product description from here on out
Is that the case for all threads both internal (driver retaining ring and tailswitch) and external (head and battery tube and tailcap)?

Square threads are generally a good thing and worth advertising, as well as being helpful to distinguish for us longtime customers who have the older type.

I just wonder. When all the threads will be standardized, will it be possible lego M1 head + S2+ 18350 tube + C8 tailcap?

In one hand this is actualy OK cause there are planty of guys who got new Cu S2+ with this “weird” threading and bunch of copper pills. Now they can be used with new copper and alu S2+.
It would be nice if this became and stay standard in the future for all S, M and L models.

I wonder how will this new threading affect other brands. S2+ tubes were compatible with BLF A6, Astrolux S41 etc…

Thinked A6,Astrolux S41 threads was a lottery as they change many times.
Does current S41S threads are dame of older s2+?

18350 tubes on sale all have old thread.

Yes, it is new thread.

Another question for Simon.

What retailer would have an orange or violet S2+ with the original thread? Would the lights sold by Banggood for instance still be from an older batch?

purple S2+ old thread