Cooyoo Alu on sale now. 5 colors (Link in OP) +GB of CooYoo Quantum ss, ti, copper

Now available, Click here to the page.

Coupon code for CooYoo Quantum AL -> CYAL


Copper and Brass,LOWEST,25.99$, Click Here to order.

Coupon is: cycobr

TI ACTIVATED, LOWEST 31.99$, Click Here to order.

coupon is: cyti

SS ACTIVATED, LOWEST 21.99$, Click here to order.

couppon is: cyss

Validation:Unknown. Date will be announced 1-3 days before it expires. So take the discount and order soon.


LOWER CR/CU/TI ACTIVATED Reached 20pcs now.

and price will be 28.99$ for copper/brass. 35.99 for Ti.

If it reaches 50pcs. Price will be amazing 25.99$ and 31.99$.

SS is 21.99 now.



We reached 50pcs for SS. I asked Gearbest to place the group order to the supplier.

It takes 3-7days. Then I (maybe Gearbest) will PM you the coupon and you can order on GB website.


Days ago,I found a very interesting EDC light on Chinese forum:CooYoo Quantum. It is tiny, USB chargable,and very pretty design. Many people showed interest in the other thread and requested a group buy for it.

This morning I just found that GearBest has them onsale. I contacted them and asked if they can provide better price for us. So here it is, product link @ GB site.

What a nice looking little baby,what a charming price! I just can't resist. Cooyoo might be not a fimiliar brand to you. But it's popular in China,especially among those forums. It's established in 2007.They have produced a lot of nice EDC gears. Such as knife,tactical pen and keychain,multi tool,etc.

Quantum is a littler longer than the DQG Spy,which,IMHO is more confortable in one hand,especially when twisting to change the modes. 41mm (my U-disk is at this length). It feels like the perfect size for me.

The design is fantastic and innovative. Even the name "Quantum" is full of science and technology. SS and CR/CU version have several slots in the head,which makes it easier to grab and twist,while the Ti version doesn't have any.

The USB charigng with an indicator is also a very decent design,the battery is removable though. It uses some kind of quick charging tech,only one hour and the light is on the way to go. The IPX8 waterproof level and 1.5 meter impact proof ensures you to use it in most situations and no worry at all.

Alright,cut the crab,and let's see more pics and details.

Smallest LED flashlight with Micro USB charging


Features: Tailstand, Integrated Heat Dissipation Design, Power Indicator, Lightweight, Reverse Polarity Protection,One-hour quick charge.

Brand: CooYoo

Material:Stainless steel, copper/brass, Titanium.

Emitter:CREE XP-G2

Max output:up to 130 Lumens

Battery Type:10180 Li-ion


Runtime:30 mins-6 hours


The price on Chinese Taobao is:SS:198CN¥ --- Brass/Copper:238CN --- Titanium:298CN

Which in US$: 32$ --- 38.5$ --- 48$. That does not include the interlational shipping cost.

The price on GearBest is 32$ for the SS version. Worldwide shipped.(Without free tracking number,it's free when order amount is more than 40$) What,we're talking about a GB, definitely we should have more discount.

SS version: Order reaches 20pcs, we can have it at: 24.99$. Order reaches 50pcs, we can have it at: 21.99$. [That's amazing price.Much cheaper than I buy directly from Taobao,since I'm in China.]

Brass/Copper: 36.72$ (sign up the list to get more discount)

Titanium: 45.68$ (sign up the list to get more discount)

Bluing (maybe blueing),which I say "Heat anodizing"


Metal Wiredrawing,which I say "Brushed"

Interest List :

SS Copper Brass Titanium
1 WWEFANS WWEFANS wedlpine Wrathbringer27--blue
2 saypat djozz Tete will34--Blue
3 Sirius9 Kafar shrike3612 Trevi_lux--Blue
4 Trevi_lux antiparanoico Beachlogger-sandblasted
5 cicciopanzarotto sesgum antiparanoico-brushed
6 tempo UliBär Maiden666
7 devman mhanlen ger-slash-brushed
8 devman Maiden666 Kloepper Knife Works-blue
9 qandeel ger-slash Kloepper Knife Works-blue
10 Chicken Drumstick Kloepper Knife Works wedlpine
11 Wieselflinkpro Kloepper Knife Works mikeyx-brushed
12 Charga wedlpine t-soung-blue
13 xelario kommessy magnet-blue
14 akoposilester Noctiluco Noctiluco-blue
15 Beachlogger Mikk0 SvenHassel-blue
16 Kafar CRX didi_1606-blue
17 antiparanoico Tete Tete
18 netprince shrike3612 archimedes-blue
19 sesgum sandalian myst999-blue
20 mobab A380 shrike3612
21 Kodachrome40 lekvar lateotter-blue
22 tryps alphazeta Tete
23 alphazeta southland Tete
24 Angel Martínez tkff Tete
25 Duke
26 Maiden666
27 ger-slash
28 woody001
29 wedlpine
30 mikeyx
31 magnet
32 Mikk0
33 CRX
34 jerrod
35 smed1275
36 JohnnyMac
37 Sirius9
38 didi_1606
39 uqs1000
40 ruffles
41 Ivanmm77
42 ykb
43 Tete
44 archimedes
45 jdavid107
46 Henk4U2
47 18650™
48 albertopnp
49 richnpc
50 richnpc
51 richnpc
52 richnpc
53 richnpc
54 lateotter
55 twin towers
56 D10ten
57 myst999
58 Muto
59 shrike3612
60 shrike3612
61 Halo...
62 PerttuJ
63 syracuse

I’m in at $21.99

Nice. It’s about time we see a usb 10180 or 10440. Charging circuits can be made tiny for low currents like 10180 or 10440 use. Whole thing including the microUSB port can be done in a 3mm thick disk, 10mm dia.

Can you get them to not glue in the driver / pill? So we could mod it with a nichia 219B.

Ti/Cu!! I’ll go for either!!

+1 here

Sorry, mistake.

The free shipping does not include a tracking number unless the order amount is more than 40$.

with that size it will quickly vanish in my pocket :smiley:

I am in for 21,99 USD.
(cooper and brass are nice… but the best resistance for use in a keychain will be SS. Titanium is other great option for me)


edit: I saw in the other thread a Red Copper version. just love it. will wait for know if there will be a GB for this one


I’m in at $21.99

I’m in for a “Bluing” Ti version!

I have a feeling this one will be a winner and will be my keychain light of choice for a long time. Specially because the battery has its own compartment, this way the dual mode mechanism is not dependent of the battery length or spring and will always switch modes smoothly.

Love the “Bluing” Ti version :love:

In for at least 2. SS for now, maybe Ti depending on pricing.

Copper for me!

1 SS for me

I’d be in for an SS one.

Are there any reviews of these? I ask this, as the Ti one looks pretty cool too, but to buy something without knowing how good it is, as this money, is just a little too pricey for me.

If there is a review showing how good or bad they are, then I may be in for more than one and certainly of different materials.

As these are pretty newly available flashlight, I can’t find any review yet.
But I’m sure any reviews will pop out within few days.

Here I found a chinese review, with immersion and drop test. He seems to like it

i am in for the SS version