copper sink pads for sale on CPFM $2.45 ea $4 s/h!!!

i have bought from this seller before, he is legit and has a good track record

i wouldnt normally link to another forum sale (please correct me if this is not allowed here), but i thought that a lot of people here might be looking for them

i ordered 4 xml pads for now

i have no idea how to reflow solder, but i got some solder paste from dx

Never bought from him, but I have heard that he is great to deal with and I have talked to him a number of times in the past. And don't worry, posting links to other forums is perfectly ok.

im going to attempt to reflow an emitter… maybe i should practice on aluminum?

can anyone comment on xml2u2 vs xmlu3? from what research vinh has done on cpf, xmlu3 can be pushed to very high currents (6.0a) and is brighter than an xml2u2 due to the fact the xml2 can pull about 3.8-4.2a direct drive… while i dont think i would run an xml at 6.0 amps… i wonder which would be best

Hypothetically XM-L2 U2 would be the equivalent of a XM-L U4, but in practice you would probably be better off with a XM-L U3 since it can be driven harder.

I got about 1,100 lumens on my XinTD w/XM-L2 U2 on a SinkPAD, then I got about 1,100 lumens on my SupFire X5 w/U3 on a SinkPAD - go figure?? Just sold my X5 - on it's way to Singapore -- I'm deeply depressed right now... , but, I got more SinkPAD's to play with!

Oh - with my U3/SinkPAD on a Nanjg at 3.85A, could not get near the 3.85A, only about 3.6A or so... PilotPTK mentioned the cool running of the U3 (caused by the SinkPAD) causes it's Vf to raise, resulting in less draw from the battery -- I think that's what he said -- difficult to read between the lines of PilotPTK's comments, but maybe a lower resistance battery would help - I'm using Pana 3400 unprotected which I thought were pretty good. Still, you get improved output with the SinkPAD so something works well there... I'd like to see 4A on a SinkPAD vinh is talking about, what battery is used/needed.

The SinkPAD's sound like a good deal, but nitro's deal was better - thanks nitro. I may have to buy a few more - going through them and got more plans.

i dont think vinh tested these sink pads… what i meant to say was “mounted on copper” not necessarily this sink pad per se… im not sure where he buys his copper pcb from, but he has tested the xml up to 8 amps (on a copper block floating in ice water) without tint shift

im looking forward to modding my supfire… i have a few different emitters and mods on my list over the next month or two as well… im hoping it keeps me from spending as i need to cut back my expenses for a bit until work picks up more in the warmer months

He is also a member here…

jmpaul and scaru,

You guys are both totally my valentines right now.

Thanks for the support guys

i pmed a friend on cpf we are all familiar with (i wont reveal his name) but he said he bought 50

now if you start selling them with emitters mounted… i bet youll make even more… i for one do not know how to reflow solder… i plan on learning… but i bet a bunch of members would be interested in buying some xmlu3s and or xml2s already set on these babies


How many XM-L SinkPADs are in a panel? I’d like to buy a few, and I’d just assume order them in multiples of the panel size so that you don’t have to break them apart…


Happy to help! ;)

15 per panel, atleast that is what Nitro got.

Hi vb, just sent you a PayPal for 10 XP-G and 5 XM-L . Been looking everywhere for these with XP-G2’s mounted, so yeah, do that and watch the hot cakes fly!! :wink:

Thanks a lot,


Now to find the right emitters and learn how to reflow……

i just found this video by old lumens

I’ve seen that one before but it sure help to watch Justin go over it again. Thanks!


Thanks for spreading the word. Yes, your friend did pick up a batch.

I would be willing to put emitters on these, the only issue with it right now is the short supply of the XM-L2 U2s. I need to keep the ones of those I have for light builds right now. If there is enough interest in the XM-L2 T6 5000K or in the XP-G2 I could do a batch.

As for the relfowing process, I have found the best way to do it with these copper stars ( or any other for that matter) is in an electric skillet. This trumps the toaster oven because you can access the emitter during the process, sometimes they need a little help getting centered. The pads on these copper stars are the perfect size though so it really helps. Also be careful not to get the solder too thick, just enough to glass the pad over is about all. Other wise you'll get the nasty blue effect.


Welcome to the party! The panels I have are the same as scarus 15 each.


I'll try to get your emitters out on Monday.

EDIT: If anyone knows of a person who has the equipment to do the ouput graphs like the one scaru posted in the GB thread please let me know. I want to get a set done with XML2 and XPG2 on 20mm copper stars VS standard. Thanks

No real hurry, having a custom light made and we’re waiting on a custom driver. I’ll probably kill something on the learning curve trying to reflow these puppies. Never done it before but I’ve got some XP-G2’s coming and also Nichia 219’s.

I have a glass surface stove top, but I’ve also got a 6” round in 1/8” SS to put on top of it so the element will stay on. Reckon that will work as good as a skillet? Wonder what setting to use on the 1-10 scale? (have no idea the temps of this stovetop, neighbor has a laser thermometer but we’re not speaking at the moment)

Thanks again,

Do you think those will cut down to 12mm, or possibly 10? Would probably have to expose the trace to solder the leads to the emitter, right? Fun fun fun!

I will take 12 xml’s. Sending paypal right now.

Paypal sent for 15 XM-L Stars
Paypal Transaction ID: 0828-5920-9581-1127

no 40mm?

or even 33mm would do

need them for Supbeam K40 XPG2 mod :slight_smile: