COURUI DO1 'Big Head' (Black/GRAY NOW AVAILABLE) $29.99 @ Gearbest ( use coupon: gbcourui) A long-throw modder's light!

It’s just a stock courui head with two interlocking lens hoods stacked on top. A 77mm and an 82mm hood from ebay. The front will be finished off with an 86mm multicoated UV filter.
Going with this setup will require taking a little bit off the O/D (~1mm) off the reflector to make it fit, alternatively I have a third stage lens hood (86mm) that I can add and make it work with the raw reflector but requires a 95mm UCLp lens and filter ring 95-86mm step down adapter ring to finish off the front.

The hoods and things are pretty cheap and available on ebay, I’ll post something up with specific parts once I’ve had a chance to assemble it all. Don’t want to recommend specific parts until I know they are compatible.

Oh and just to be clear, you would also need to build a pedestal on top of the shelf/pill to raise the emitter some to meet up with the reflector.

That sounds great. Looking forward to it.

This looks very cool Linus :slight_smile: i look forward to see what performance result you will get.

I have been craving a big reflector light for some modding adventures, but i can’t justify buying one of those big expensive reflector light just to rip it apart to get me a host, it is not enough BLF for me :smiley: but this looks the most promising idea yet.

Did some work on the light today removing some material from the reflector to make it fit into the compact configuration (2x hoods + uv filter lens)

Here’s after the first assembly.

The reflector is a beast, though it doesn’t have the most perfectly smooth mirror finish. A very slight OP surface can be seen here.
I have yet to see how it performs in this config but this feature/flaw may make it a good option for an mt-g2 or similar just to help smooth over the honeycomb artefacts slightly. Just a thought, I’m sure it will also produce a very respectable beam with a normal die.

The UV filter and lens on the front: This is a really cheap UV filter but has what it claims is a multiband AR coating. Multiband? Hmm, probably not. But it definitely knocks down the reflections and the unusual green bias has the added benefit of counteracting the green tint shift seen from a dedomed cree led. So this may not be a bad option at all.

Still waiting on some parts to do a working assembly of the full light (led will be an sbt-70), but so far everything is lining up nicely. I like! :slight_smile:

This new Courui mod added to the combined mod threads in the op of this thread:

Courui D01 Fitted with 86mm kaidomain reflector. (No lathe required, mostly off the shelf parts)

Courui D01 Fitted with 86mm kaidomain reflector. (No lathe required, mostly off the shelf parts) by LinusHofmann

That looks really great Linus :slight_smile:

To bad it has an slight OP finish, i hope it doesn’t limit throw to much.

Cool about that anti green coating, that could fit great with the newly released XM-L2 U4 1C dedomed, i was worried it could get very green dedomed.

I received 3 Grey Courui’s yesterday, and one will not turn on, the same batteries powered up the other two, so I think the driver is bad, possibly the switch? I’m dealing with GearBest now, let’s see how it will be handled? The lights(all 3) are typically dirty inside and out. The reflectors show pitting but it looks like it was there before the Vap Coating was applied. GearBest order #WW1504201453507112. Out of the 6 I have got recently, really only one was what I would call very good?

I haven’t seen a gray one yet, but I also get the feeling that the quality of the recent batches from Gearbest is on a general downward trend.
The latest black one I received had some generally sharper/rougher machining on the battery tube and worn anodizing on parts of the knurling. The head and reflector also shows signs of being of a lower general quality though no hazing this time.
Anodizing colour is also inconsistent between the last two I ordered, one is a deep black and the more recent one slightly gray.

GearBest has come thru on this by sending another light for $6.00 for shipping, thanks GearBest! Hopefully this one will be clean and working? Thanks Angelia!!!

New, great mod contribution for 625 Kcd, by FmC:

Courui + 86mm KD reflector + camera parts; Say Cheese!! Courui + 86mm KD reflector + camera parts; Say Cheese!!

Another great mod contribution of the Courui DO1 has been added by member Cula:
Courui D01 mod - my way (picture heavy) (this thread now added in the op)

my courui arrived with newer version which has 2 r010 resistor ? shall i short both of them ?

The last couple I have received have the whole board populated like that.

Just do the one at 6 o'clock in your picture.

Mine too the old one was empty no components at all, shel I now remove them all ???

thank you.

No reason to remove them, unless you needed to use a component for something else.

My last mode with all springs bridged and R200 removed was pushing 4+A to the LED, what if I dont see that power with all these on board. I mean there is a lot more chips that I dont know, what are they purpose?

I'm guessing it's a generic driver that's used in other lights as well as the Courui.

The other circuit is not used. There's nothing hooked up to it.

after a while i got 2 moon light modes ,driver died ?

How's the clearance between the bottom of the reflector & the LED wires?