Hello ,Dear BLF members :
How are you?
This is Jill from Ningbo FIT Industry Co.,ltd .
we export aluminium flashlights with high quality and good price for many years .
Now i’d like to show you some new models for 2013 .
Emitter:Cree Led Bulb
Lifespan :over 50000hrs
Circuit:Constant current circuit , memory function.
Material:T6061 aircraft-grade aluminium ,military grade
reflector:aluminium reflector
Lens:Glass lens
Appearance:Black color,hand anodizing Oxidation ,wear restant and good hand feeling
Accessories:with lanyard
Switch:Tail Cap Clicky Switch
waterproof:IP-66,Anti dust living water and rain.
led bulb :7*cree XM-LT6
6-15V;7.5A 8000LUMENS
reference ratail price:69.00USD
Reference wholesale price:56.00USD
the link of 10s pics

any question will be welcomed .contact us freely , we will show you pics .

Didn’t see this specific light on your site.

Did see a cool dive light, though! Love the pic of the bezel/lens where the attaching screw look like rivets.

can we see pictures of that fit 10s on here?

I went to the website. Looks good. I got a kick out of under news it says “FIT trademark has been asses” Of course that is truncated assess :slight_smile:

And I never understood why a diving flashlight has cooling fins. I mean it’s water cooled, right? :slight_smile:

if the light look familiar… it’s because it’s the same light as Trustfire TR-J18 but without the logo

there are more cool diving flashlights on my website, welcome to visit it

do you guys make lights for other companies… like Trustfire?

We are the manuafcturer , we produce electric appliance and last year , we begin to produce the led lights , included aluminium flashlights . our most business are from the trading companies .

thanks for the info… very interesting… but since you’re the manufacturer
why do you sell the light more expensive than the other company sell for the same light?..
it should be cheaper no? :slight_smile:

I’d be very interested to know how much current is really getting to the emitters, where is your 7.5a being measured? If that’s a tailcap reading, then your pulling 22.5a from the three cells, so we need pretty good cells.

Now an xm-l t6 can’t do 1000 lumen at 3 amps at the emitter, you need to be using u2’s or u3’s, if that 7.5a is the driver output current, your only just giving an amp to each emitter, so you won’t get 1000 lumen/emitter, maybe 300/400 lumen, so best case scenario is 2800 lumen.

Please can you post true integrating sphere results? Give us an idea what this light is really doing, because so far your specifications don’t add up.

If you are giving 3a to each emitter, why have you not specified the light requires unprotected imr cells to run? Because most protected cells will trip the protection circuit at these drive current levels. What have you done to improve the heat sinking of the host? As I don’t believe an aluminum pill with stars glued to it will do the trick, do you direct bond the emitters to a solid copper pill? How does this fasten into the host? What is the current rating of the tail switch?

Thankyou for your time, I will be interested in your answers. :slight_smile:

If you get a remotely sensible answer then the teas are on me!


Let’s just say I’m not waiting before I pull a can out the fridge….

Perhaps I’m being mean, but if someone states they are a manufacturer, I expect properly backed and tested results, these specs don’t appear to support that at all.

I remain sceptical.


Those are exactly the same thoughts I was having while reading those cloudy specs.

A manufacturer is supposed to know what the real specs are, supposed to have a project with all details. Let's see the answer.

the price is depends on your quantity . the price which i shown you is based on the sample cost .
we have the Reference retail price and Reference wholesale price. tks for your question .

I think the price is not that important at this moment, first we would like to know the real specs of the product you are trying to sell us, we know those 8000 lm are… Well, lets wait for an answer to the questions above

You do well in study :slight_smile: , i’d like to send you a free sample , i think you will find some answers , i mean it.
and show our sample to your friends if you want.
mail me , and let me know your address and phone number . my email id is
after checking our sample ,show your answers here pls.
if your points are different with our technology department , i will recomfirm it from them.
any mistake about our information , i will correct it asap on our website . and make an apology to you.
thanks for your time . waitting for your email .
thank you .
by the way , you remind me of Sherlock Holmes(Benedict Cumberbatch), great!
any way, thanks very much again .

Hi folks,

Only a very serious and highly motivated company would make such a great offer to a member of our forum. I know I’m going to keep an eye on their website for a future purchase. This is the kind of retailer performance we all like to see.

This is NOT correct!
I say this again not correct, because that’s a big misunderstanding.
If tailcap current is 7A than all three cells in series provide this together, only the Voltage increases. LOL a single cell 22.5A, think of that.

You could calculate it this way.
Three cells with 3.7V each and 7.5A provide 83W power to circuit.
P=U*I 3*3.7V*3A=83.25W
7LEDs so every LED can consume more than 10W, this baby would be insane bright and hot.
If it has 7.5A tailcapcurrent only at fully charged batteries this would be very good too. I have the skyray 9 XML and it pulls less.
But we all know, that all these informations should be doubt on until someone who is not the manufacture has put this thing on test. But I bet: no 8000lm and no 7.5A
The best thing is the 20s says three cells and 7.5A too…

There are some mistakes in your description.
It takes Batteries 3*18650/3*18650…… I think you mean 26650s, or am I wrong
Or this hand anodizing oxidation, I would like to see somebody with his hands in sulfuric acid… You probably mean hard anodizing
There are some more mistakes, but these where eye catching.
If you are interested in I can provide some more things which you can correct on your homepage.

Who’s taking the sample for review? I recommend someone with the right equipment and review experience. I have the former, not many reviews under my belt yet though…