Cree XHP70 up to 4022 Lumens and XHP50 up to 2546 lumens - Multi-die leds.

Nice mod OL. Were the strips primarily to help the emitter locate properly when you reflowed? (Rather than twisting around on the undersized pads) Did you try it without the strips?

I’m such an idiot! It was so simple to lay strips on the existing pad and enlarge the contact area, brilliantly simple Justin! I worked hard to make that pedestal and it’s that pedestal that’s raising my emitter too high for proper focus. Geesh. Aggie engineering. Overthinking things to create work.

That’s why YOU THE MAN!

I was about to pull my light apart and file aluminum off the lip of the heat sink to gain that space, when all I have to do is remove that pedestal and simplify. Again, I was overlooking the obvious. lol

ID 10 T error.

The strips are needed to extend the contact points. The XHP70 is large enough that it’s contacts would fall just outside the XM-L contacts, so the strips just make them wider to let the XHP70 make contact.Remember also, the center contact of the XHP70 is larger, so not all of it will be direct to copper. I wouldn’t want to run this way with high amperage. I just wanted to test, to see if the beam was acceptable.

I pulled the pedestal and used strips of 0.01” copper sheet.

This enabled a better focus, and took output from 6006 to 6241 lumens. :slight_smile:

This also allows a thinner insulation disc under the reflector to protect the masking and lets the bezel thread down further, fully enclosing the o-ring.

Those DBCstm lumens again.

I found a driver for it and hit it with about 5.5 amps. I would say it's not any brighter than MT-G2 and the black cross can still be seen in the beam. Sort of like do you want a cross, (XHP70), or spots, (MT-G2), before your eyes? I think it will not be something I go and jump through any more hoops to work with. All in all, I feel better about MT-G2 and not as interested in XHP70. It does seem to be producing less heat overall, so it maybe good in a multiple led reflector, like an SRK reflector, where throw is not a factor. I think it's going to be like the MC-E. Never really got the love it thought it deserved.

It’s not like I make it up or bounce it off the bathroom ceiling or something. I use a calibrated lightbox, a known meter, and do the math.

And with that ability, I can tell you for a fact that the MT-G2 doesn’t come close to the output at the amperage. Not even close. What the XHP70 does at 5A, it takes 9A to get out of the MT-G2…if not more.

I have 9 MT-G2 lights, most have the FET drivers. 5A @ 3700 lumens on the XHP70 takes high 9’s and 10’s to reproduce in a light with MT-G2. My Courui uses 6 18350’s, pulls over 13A to make 4400 lumens. I love the beam and color of the big MT-G2, but it’s met it’s match in output with this new one, hands down.

The XHP70 is making 1200 lumens at 1.52A. There’s gonna be a lot of uses for this emitter. And when the better tints and higher bins come out, well, I’ll be in line…

Sorry, I was just messin with ya. Didn't mean to knock your readings. I know you try to be correct in all you do.

It may be a great led, but I just didn't care for it. I thought I would, but I just don't like it. I probably would have been happier with it, if it had been about 5000K. The blue tint just turned me off completely. I will be using it at work tonight and that will tell me if I like it any better. I walk that plant every nght and know just how well my MT-G2 Lux-Pro illuminates, so I can tell if the XHP70 does better, in the same light. I don't really care about lumens. It's how the light works for me is all I care about.

Is Taskled the elephant in the room?

I like my Taskled drivers. l just dont like the cost here.

Can it power a 6V LED from a single li ion?

I do not know the Taskled drivers, but the DQG26650triple driver can do the boost from a single li-ion:

Fascinating, the modes are probably not ideal for these LEDs (of course it was not designed for them), but i wonder what the efficiency of the driver is

That may have been touched on in one of these two threads:
comfychair - DQG 26650 driver hacking
rjorge - Mini DQG 26650 MT-G2

Be sure to watch out for mis-statements, mistakes, and retractions. I know I made some in both threads.

Also this isn’t a 6A driver in turbo, despite what CNQG’s page says. It’s probably a 2A driver (into 3x series XP-G2) in Turbo. So probably 2A into this LED as well, probably around 3A for these LEDs until it’s resistor modded.

Fascinating, i knew nothing of these drivers till now

There wasn’t much point in discussing these drivers a lot until very recently. Previously this driver was only available as part of the DQG Mini 26650 light, which made it something like a $30-40 purchase just to get the driver. A couple of months ago Ric suddenly started selling them separately.

Indeed, i had started a thread asking about 6V boost but got no useful replies, a high efficiency single li ion driver with good modes or programmable modes and low battery protection would be very useful :slight_smile:

Do realize that this driver is relatively huge! The driver itself appears to be the reason the DQG 26650 has such a large head. I’d say that you’ll only get this thing into Maglites and other D-cell or at least 3xAA sized things.

I noticed it looks huge, but it has no data on size, i would guess 25mm minimum

CNQG says 28mm, that sounds right. I’m sure there were measurements around here somewhere.

28mm diameter by , dang already forgot how tall. But it does say in the write up on the site.

I went ahead and ordered one, and a light, got another XHP70 to use somewhere after all…


Diameter: 28mm
Height: 6mm
Powered by 1x 3.7V Li-ion battery
Full current regulation boost driver for DQG 26650 triple
Mode: Low 2>Mid 30>Hi 100%; Hidden Turbo (press 2 times to activate); Hold for 1 seconds to turn off the light.
Current: Low (2) > Mid (30)>High (1.2A*3) ; Hidden turbo mode (2A*3); Click twice to activate Turbo mode; Turbo mode will step down to high mode after 180 seconds.

  1. Mode: 4 (Low>Mid>High>Hidden turbo) Double click to access turbo mode
  2. Hold the switch for 1 seconds to turn on; Hold the switch for 1 seconds to turn off.
  3. Turbo mode up to 6A, 1250 lumens, It will step down to high mode afte