D4K , D4SV2, or FF E07 ?

Whats got the best thermal performance, throw / floodiness?
I read the optic larger optic on the D4SV2 performs better than d4v2 but unsure about comparison and they are close in price

The D4Sv2 is a lot throwier than a D4v2, the difference is very noticeable. It has a defined round hotspot whereas the D4v2 is basically a pure flooder with slight variations depending on the exact optic used and the emitters.

The E07x Pro has a better driver than even the boost driver available for Emisar/Noctigon. It should win in terms of sustained lumens. I don’t have the numbers, but I think due to its optic design the D4Sv2 probably wins in terms of sustained candela (throw).

Im not sure if the optic in the d4k is larger than the d4v2 but the head is the same size…
Originally i did not want to invest into 26650 cells because 21700 was ‘newer/better’
Then i saw the optic performs better and hear claims it runs cooler. the w2 option is probably what id go for.
for the ec07 i’d probably go for the sst20 5 or 4k

Yea the D4K and D4V2 have the same sized head and optic. Functionally they are pretty much the same light with accommodations for different cell sizes. The battery tubes do not interchange though for reasons known only to Hank.

Absolutely, the D4Sv2 optic is way better if you care about throw. If you get the W2 emitters you probably want to avoid getting the boost driver since the maximum output will be hugely limited—the W2 emitters can pull a lot more current that the boost driver will allow. I understand the W2 configuration is very impressive but haven’t gotten it yet. Maybe someone else can weigh in on how it performs at medium brightness levels compared to something like a 519a.

If you get a D4Sv2 I strongly recommend the 26800 battery tube. The standard D4Sv2 is more of a “shorty” config out of the box and the 26800 gives it better proportions and runtime. It is a pain finding a charging solution for 26800s right now but I think it is totally worth it. I took a Dremel to a Nitecore UMS2 and that has been working well for my 26800 charging needs.

Here is a post with pictures of what I did to my Nitecore UMS2: 26800 Lithium-ion battery - #272 by CollectEverything

Honestly, it should be the default configuration for the D4SV2. The ergonomics are much worse without it.

Or at the very least, it should be an option on the product page rather than appearing as a separate listing that new buyers are sure to miss.


There should be an option to buy the 26800 tube with a longer spring to accommodate the easily available 21700’s with spacers and 26650’s.

And a 12A boost driver since the D4S should easily accommodate a bigger inductor.

Eventually a “premium” version with the Lume1 buck + fet driver because the current boost version Hank offers has no real turbo and no real moonlight.

The tale goes like this….

After Hattori Honzo made his last sword, he briefly went into the flashlight business, created a D4Sv2 killer called the Mateminco MT07vn with seven W2 emitters, then retired again due to exhaustion.

The E07x Pro is supposedly very throwy as it uses a 10deg optic vs the original E07 that uses a 45deg optic. Also the LUME1 driver is one of the best in the market with ultra high efficiency, good regulation, ultra low moonlight mode. The only thing potentially better witb the D4v2 or D4k is the significantly more compact size.

the 2021 e07 says 20deg optic, but i probably would like the 10 better.
stepping up to 120$ in price on that now puts other lights in the running like the 12.1