DD SkyRay SLT-V2 for less than $35

DD has coupon codes

and used Ru40save8 over 40$ save 8$ for this SkyRay SLT-V2

Had 257 points and redeemed them.

TOTAL $34.82

Even without points it's a GD good deal!

I just got one from DD. Great light, but took forever to ship.
There is also the 3x XM-L Skyray 3800 for less than $40. I know it’s not reliable but so cheap after coupon and I don’t have a triple… aaaahhhh!

Gave my SR V2 to my stepson last weekend. Bought it Dec 12 and got it in Jan. This is a must have light. Have the clone Fandyfire V6. Yes the triple is tempting but is known to have a stinker driver.

Wow...good price. I remember i purchased mine for 52 bucks from Manafont, and some even 54 bucks.

Does anyone know if this retailer sells them with 2 screws on the emitter slug? or just thermal adhesive by itself? 2x screws would be my preference.

like this... Two screws

instead of this... No screws


I pulled the trigger!


The one I got from the late last summer (IIRC) has two screws. The plastic disk is white, not black though.

The SR is the screw-in and not the drop-in version. Well, it was when I got it at least.

My DD SR V2 received in Jan had screws.

2 screws!

If only this bulkasaurus came 1x18650! :-(

Is the STL-V2 800 OTF or better?

Just ordered one. Paid $27 with insurance, had A LOT of DinoPoints stacked up just waiting to be used for this light. And the best part is that I'm going to get another red fish for my tank. Lucky me.

You can do shorty mode, 2x18500 with the original main tube. Use Dereelight DBS body tube or stuff like Ultrafire U80, and you can have 18650 length, but use 2 x 18350 IMRs (high current).

Done. I'm all over it! How much current difference will their be with 1 x 18650 vs. the 18350 IMRs? And how much runtime difference?

Current difference would be the same, probably the 18350 IMRs would sag a wee wee bit more but not too much of a thing that you'd be worried about. Runtime diff would be just about 40% of 2pcs of Trustfire flame 2400. This 40% is a calculated figure from the battery discharge tests that i have done from the Bestinone.net IMR 18350 (the blue beauties). Do a search, lots of info contributed by me and various members here.

Probably about 45 minutes of run time on the 18350s. The light's driver has low voltage protection.

Not sure if you have one of those tubes....i think the C8 does not fit.

But 2 x 18500 is very usable, i think about 200mm only, that's 10mm longer than the Trustfire X9. And you have FULL regulation. The Trustfire X9 has a "long throat".

The throw would be quite a bit more than the X9 though....about 49k cd vs 39k cd for a well driven X9.

So am I going to be able to use the tubes that come with the light (to shorten it) or will I have to get another body tube?

The original light can use 2 x 18500 by taking out the extension. That'd be 200mm length. You can get protected lico 18500s, not sure how's the capacity but i guess it's easily 1000mAh true. http://www.manafont.com/product_info.php/protected-trustfire-18500-37v-1800mah-rechargeable-batteries-gray-2pcsset-p-5569

I think some members tested the grey trustfires.....not too bad.

You can use a shorter tube next time for 2 x 18350 (if you have that compatible tube), but i guess not that much shorter at 170mm length. But big drop in capacity.

You have to ask yourself if you need that capacity or shorter length. Most of us do no need continuous 2.2hrs of runtime at max with 2 x 18650 with Panasonic 3100s with the light operating at say 5 deg C (batteries will be kept warm by the LED).

+1 Mr 2100 my sentiments exactly. I prefer to figure the over all use and needs for my hunting lights. My rifle mounted lights are "short burst" and NEVER powered on for the length of time as my handheld flashlights. So heat sinking and run time on weapon mounted are a minor consideration while still maintaining beam and lumen. Run time and heat sinking is important on my hand held hunting lights. For my house hold or work lights portability and heat sinking reliability rules over run time. No such animal as the perfect flashlight.

My STL-V2 shipped today. Faster then usual from Dino.

Got my shipped emails yesterday, one with a picture of the correct flashlight. Just hope all goes well.