deal alerts: @ ebay, all flashlights below $10

P60 xml dropin for $5

Quite cheap...

Of course it's a gamble...what you get.

Just for someone that wants a cheap drop in and is short of cash.

Here you go:

Or cheap Roche clone:


Or cheap sipik sk clone xml $6,xx

Looks like a sk68, but description says 18650?? Pics show xpe

Here for sure xml : $6,86

C8 xml for $7:

16340 light XML $8

Trustfire mini copy:

Side switch xml


Bike light $9,89

2x18650 light $9,98

Quite interestingt light for $9,99

some good prices on these.

If I didn’t already have a boatload of lights like this, I would probably grab this one. Who knows what kind of driver though.

it looks like a good light for modding.
(its nice to see a photo of the star on the pill, showing it looks to be a solid pill and not a typical hollow pill.

That and double o-rings is a bit rare for a $15 light. If it was <$10 I would convince myself that a friend needed it, buy it for them, and keep it for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess it`s 9.99 ;)

Nice deal finds and great idea for a thread.


hopefully it will be useful for some people.

the p60 for $5 is pretty interesting

you want to punish someone?

$5.12 for shipping to the US. From the pics it looks well worth $15 though.

These are available from banggood for the same price. I have one inbound. Seems a little on the cheesy side but with built in charging port, audible alarm, attack head, side switch and side cutter there’s a lot there for $15.

banggood light