Dealextreme - Dispute transaction?

Hello fellow flashaholics,

I made a purchase of flashlights with a total amount of ~$330 at DX about 40 days ago. The chosen delivery method was EMS.

DX at 6/12 posted the first parcel (DX broke the order to three parcels) and by 7/12 were left GUANGZHOU (next stop after GUANGZHOU dispatch is always my country).

Exactly one month later, nothing arrived yet and EMS tracking still shows "GUANGZHOU - Despatch from Sorting Center"... Have in mind that in about 20 orders from various e-shops using EMS, I always receive the packages 6-13 days after GUANGZHOU dispatch.

DX customer support says that "EMS says that parcel is on transit" and there is nothing to worry, I should just wait.

Now, I know that probably this delay is from EMS side and DX has nothing to do with it, but in five days is 45 days after the payment and I will not have the right to file a dispute after that...

I also don't want to piss off DX because every time I had a problem in the past, they solved it without making my life difficult.

So, what do you believe I should do?

Thank you


Last week arrived a non-tracked parcel from DX which was shipped on 11 october... Also I have a non-tracked order shipped on 1 November still not arrived.

I reccommend you to wait until the last day of the 45day limit, then open a dispute if continues without arriving. Then wait the 20 days paypal suggest to wait. If continue without arriven raise the dispute into claim.

The worst date to order to DX is from September until late December.

Only parcel I've gotten from DX through EMS took over two months to arrive. If you used paypal to charge a credit card then there is always the chargeback route and it usually offers better than 45 days disputability. Though I do not know what would happen to your paypal account if you did a chargeback on your card. You could try a dispute, but a claim may default in their favor if they supply the tracking number into the dispute. Also expect most, if not all, Chinese air shipping services to have massive slowdowns this time of year.

maybe your stuff is still being checked by customs (it is a large order so you prob have to pay tax)

You can file a dispute and send DX a message explaining the situation. After opening a dispute you have again a few weeks to take it to the next level (should be sufficient)

First and foremost, I suggest filing a dispute to protect yourself before its to late. Hopefully your package will arrive soon.


Yes, HKP and EMS are totally unreliable but never took so long.

I don't think the parcel is in customs because when it is, the status of the tracking changes, e.g.:

1/1/2010 Despatch from GUANGZHOU

10/1/2010 Received to airport (or something like that)

10/1/2010 Handed over to customs

10/1/2010 Released from customs

I don't want to chargeback my CC because it will kill my paypal account but I also don't want to never receive the package (if it was under $100 I would just wait).

So it seems best to wait until the last minute, then contact DX and inform them that I am going to file a dispute just to be safe, file the dispute, wait 20 days for the parcel and if it doesn't arrive, make a claim. Right?

That is what i would do.

Anyway you should also let them know that you paid extra to have your goods delivered in the reasonable time. Someone has to pay for the nonexisting quality of service! At least the difference between regular airmail and the "premium" ems.

Who told you this?

The thing with this is that after some amount (combined with total weight), EMS upgrade is free. I can't complain about a free upgrade that delays as much as China Post would...

I will let you know how it does.

If i remember correctly it is mentioned in Terms & Conditions of paypal. Am I wrong?


I'm with fran on waiting until the last minute before filing a dispute. Hopefully it will arrive in the next 4-5 days. But at 45 days you must file a dispute just to protect yourself because $330 is a whole lotta moolah. Surprised

I usually wait about 43 days, just so that I don't wait too long. If DX offers a fake refund, like they did to me, I give them just a few days extra before I escalate the claim. If they wouldn't have offered a fake refund, which I deemed fraudulent, I would have given them an extra two weeks. Also I will not contact DX, except through a PayPal dispute, because they don't treat me with any respect when I try to contact them through their system.

I opened a dispute today. After a couple of minutes I received two e-mails, one from paypal stating that I opened a dispute and one from DX stating that they sent a refund to my paypal account.

My paypal account balance is still $0 so what refund are they talking about?

And, by the way, I didn't ask for refund, I asked them to investigate the matter. I am prepared to wait 20 more days for the package.

I told you that!

Each time you open a dispute on DX, the system automatically sends you a FAKE refund, consisting in a email saying that DX have refunded a determinated amount of money, but DX hasnt refunded nothing to you.

This is to "fake" the customer and insist the customer into closing the dispute (once the dispute is closed, no way to open another).

So, wait 20 days. If the package still not appears raise into claim. BUT then PAYPAL staff will investigate the issue and decide.

DX can prove that they sent the parcels by showing the tracking numbers and the status of the packages.

IF the problem is that the packages were stolen by Postal Services, or simply are held by customs.... BYE BYE. Paypal will not do anything... you will solve the issue by yourself!!!

The same happened to me only I got a wrong sku. I had to look every day into my account, but the refund never came. Eventually I opened a dispute, nothing happened! In time I raised to a claim on the amount that they said they had refunded. PayPal decided in my favour and I got the refund. Strangely enough DX deducted a point from my DX account both when they said they refunded and again when I got the refund! I won't bother getting the one point back.

Aleister, wait 20 days more.

During those 20 days, check:

1) that dx has sent ALL the items you ordered (maybe some are sent but other are still waiting for supplier)

2) go to your postal office with the tracking numbers and personal data of the sender

3) the same to your customs office

Check point 2 and 3 as soon as you can, maybe the package is pending to pickup in the postal office!

You ALWAYS should separate each item in different orders, 1 order 1 item.... If you put ALL items in only 1 order, problems begin.....

Hi Aleister. Has the package arrived? have you checked at offices? Has DX responded to the dispute?

Keep informed, please, to know how DX moves in those cases


36 days after dispatch with EMS, the package hasn't arrived yet.

Before opening a dispute, I contacted DX customer support and I told them politely that I am worried that the package might got lost or something and I will open a dispute so we will have more time to wait safely for it.

Then, I opened the dispute and a day later I got a very polite response from customer support (in DX system, not paypal) that said that if after 5 more days the package hasn't arrived, DX will give me a reasonable solution.

So now I wait a few days. Either it will arrive or I will contact DX again and see what they propose. Paypal dispute is still open.

I will keep you informed when something changes.