Difference between Opus BT-C3400 & BT-C3100 v2.1?

This may have been missed but what is the difference between these two chargers? It is noticed that the BT-C3400 is not available until 6 OCT 2014. It is found both on ebay and Amazon.

Thank you for any thoughts on the matter.

This is the first I’ve heard of the BT-C3400.

I know what a let down.

Gonna be mad if I jumped on the 2.1 GB from gearbest too early.

BT-C2000 Battery Charger Analyzer Version 2.1

BT-C3400 Battery Charger Analyzer Li-ion NiMH NiCd

The BT-C2000 really isn’t part of this discussion. It’s not a Li-Ion charger.

At a glance I still don’t see any significant difference between the C3100 and the C3400. So… huh.

Ill be waiting for HKJs review, just like I did with each version so far. Im yet to buy one of their chargers, theyre close, but never quite there for me. I dont care about saving $10 so was not motivated by group buy deadline pressures.

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/BT-C3400-Universal-Analyzer-rechargeable-batteries/dp/B00NR77SL2/keywords=opus+bt-c3400

ebay: http://www.ebay.com/itm/BT-C3400-Battery-Charger-Analyzer-Tester-Li-ion-NiMH-NiCd-18650-Lithium-ion-V2-1-/331325504524?pt=Battery_Chargers&hash=item4d2489fc0c

The BT-C3400 is advertised as the v2.1 also as noted on the ebay page.

Hello rdana! Please elucidate. Thank you.

UPDATE! AHA! Just learned the answer of the differences: (From Amazon)

Q: What are the differences between opus bt- c3100 and opus bt-c3400?
The C3100 had problems. One was overloading the power adapter when charging 4 cells. Those issues have all been resolved in the C3400.

So many similar versions of basically the same charger, just with slight revisions to improve the product. Very confusing.

Will there be a BT-C3500 as very final revision version?

Yet there is still 3 amps output on the supplied PSU. On one of the links supplied, this makes no sense…

Unless it means each channel can do 1 amp (1 amp to two channels at a time max), but not all 4 at the same time???

Am I doing this right??

I have sent Henry Xu an email about this. No other guy is more qualified to answer this question.

The comment on Amazon is from a random user and should not be taken as gospel. I wouldn’t be surprised if the C3400 is the same as the C3100 V2.1.

I don’t like how they are having all these minor updates and different versions within a few months. I think it is better to update every year with substantial changes and a different model number.

My take on this is exactly as yours, that the 3400 is identical to 3100 v2.1
I think it is actually better marketing wize to differentiate this way.

+ 1, as there was neither a 1.0 or 2.0 BT-C3400

I knew it :slight_smile: Well getting back later this month so by then there’ll probably be a 4000

My guess is that is one is updated hardware.

The 3000 did get some software updates to fix the problem with current pulses. This made the current pulses small enough that the power supply could handle it, but they where still above 3A.

The 3400 probably has changed hardware to get rid of the current pulses.

At the current time I have not been promised any review copies of it.

No, it’s from the seller, and called out as such.

I suspect that you are right though about it being the same as the C3100 v2.1. Someone realized that giving it a new name and label is a lot better way to clearly communicate that it is the new and improved version, and avoid people passing off old stock as new.

Or it could be as simple as they wanted to first use up all the cases that they had made up that said BT-C3100. I don’t think they expected to update the unit so soon after the release of v2.0

HKJ suggested that maybe there is an included hardware upgrade. From the Amazon site this C3400 has been in their hands since September. Is it possible OPUS could have made a hardware change that quickly after the release of v2.1?

Maybe it now possible to change the charging end voltage (3,6, 4,2, 4,35V) without opening the charger. It's crazy, that the feature is inside and not changeable without removing the screws.

Anyone find it officially from Opus? I looked over their alibaba pages, and couldnt find a BT-C3400.

Just emailed Robert ( rdana from ebay)
This is what he said……
The BT-C3400 is essentially the C3100 V2.1. This model number is exclusive to me.

I’m gonna buy one from him since it is the new 2.1 version.