Disappointed with Enlan EL01, paging Mr. jackyhu

great knife but the pivot screw seems like it’s been through a fight with Iron Man :frowning:

the rest of the knife is very smooth though, so it stands out like a banged up hood on a shiny brand new car :frowning:

these were my notes during checkout:

I wouldn’t care myself as I would only use it as a tool anyway but I understand your disappointment if its for a collection or display.

But they are cheap knives and I would still consider it good value for money as it wont effect its usefulness in any way.

yeah but i’ve purchased a dozen of these so-called “cheap knives” from exduct so far and none of them had battle scars so i believe my expectations are in the right place

it’s gonna be a gift

Can you clean it up with a bit of sand paper?

Yeah that should polish up a bit. I’d put up with that personally, it wouldn’t bother me at all.

I have seen things much worse than that, it doesn’t matter.

Just a quick touch on a belt sander, with the rest of the knife taped, would give it a clean brushed appearance

How on earth do you adjust a screw like that?

With this overpriced tool

A bit cheaper when you order it with your knife. :wink:

Or with a drill chuck .

Have you been able to do it with that? I can’t quite picture how that would work.

I haven't done it , but I saw it on the internet....

Like this:

That’s using a 3/4” chuck, it takes a little patience to get it adjusted properly. You have to wiggle it around while adjusting to feel it lock onto the screw, and once it does, it helps to push it against the drill while turning or else it will slip off.
My pivot also had marks, not as bad as OP’s pivot. Doesn’t affect the performance of the knife and it was inexpensive, but It would be nice if they used a standard screw. I would definitely buy the EL-01 in every color if it were not for that annoying screw!

My quick review of the EL-01KH can be found here. I should repost a review here, but a little busy with school at the moment
EL-01KH Review on RFD

Hello M1K3Z0R,

that's a very clever way of adjusting the pivot. Maybe we can get Jackhu/Enlan to carry pivot screws as spare parts, so we can purchase them individually? I would like to have the option to exchange all the triangular, 3-point and 5-point screws with simple slotted ones, that can be adjusted "in the field" with a simple Swiss army knife.

Thanks for the pictorial , uh.... Eh !

Yes please, slotted pivot screws instead of that rubbish they use now, heck even cross, posi, torx, Allen anything but those requiring special tools

Thanks for the picture. I get it now and was actually able to use my drill in that manner to take apart my EL-02b.

Glad it helped! :slight_smile:

Vectrex, thank you for sharing your clever idea. :slight_smile:

I hope Jacky picks up your suggestion.