Disappointed with my Klarus Mi7

Got mine today and I must say, I’m not happy. It’s a quality piece, but it’s output is highly overrated. Both my first gen Zeberalight SC52, and my Olight S1 blow it away with larger and brighter hotspots, and are rated 200 less lumens. In case you are wondering, I’ve tried Efest IMR, Nitecore, and Keeppower fully charged 14500 batteries.

I’m more worried about the “RED” color which seems pinkish judging by the first purchases…
I’ll be pleased even with 500 lumens to be honest

I think it’s closer to 300 lumens judging from my sample

sorry to hear this as mine is due any day now :frowning:

Me too buddy. I’m sure mine isn’t defective, but there is that possibility I guess. Please tell me what you think when you get yours

BTW, I left a review on Banggood, but they haven’t posted it yet. Needless to say, it wasn’t glowing. Although I didn’t trash it

Wow, and I thought we had the ultimate AA light here…

I have started my review of Mi7:

  1. With a* GOOD NiMH* I have measured: aprox Low 4-5 lumens / Mid aprox 70 lumens / High around 240 lumens
  2. With *Klarus 14500 *battery: aprox Low 4-5 lumens / Mid aprox. 70 lumens / High around 580 lumens

*(for comparisson with NIMH:* with JetBeam-I Mk: 1 lumen/22 lumens/ 130 lumens
, with Manker E11: 5 lumens/ 50 lumens/ 220 lumens/ 320 lumens)

I love the interface that allows know with 1 flash low battery under 30, 2 flashes 30-70, 3 flashes over 70% of battery.
I love simple interface for direct access for low and for high
I love the electronic lockout.
I love is very compact, no problem for use 14500 protected batteries….

I wonder if the “700 lumens” refers to emitter lumens. That could account for the OTF lumens being so much lower.

I do not know, my meassurements can have mistake about 10-15 %, but I have many good references for calibrate my box (I have a good collection of aa lights, and I say, Mi7 is one of my preferred). Perhaps 500 or perhaps 600…in any case, awesome light with 14500 and great with NiMH (of course good NiMH is neccesary for this values!! of lumens).

Manker have a slightly high values (around 15-20% more lumens with NiMH and around 10% more lumens with 14500, but have not the check battery option for know if the energy reserve is <30, 30-70, >70%

Just tested my unit in the pitch black outside the house. As Trevi_lux says High is around 550-600 lumens with a Nitecore IMR 14500 inside.

Hi atbglenn,
How can you compare the spot of a pure floodier like zebra SC52 and Olight S1 TIR lens ….?..with this XP-L Hi v3……you wait get a similar spot?

I also have the 1st gen SC52 and the 500lm is probably underrated, compared to a S1 it is noticeably brighter.

Good Because I was fast to order a blue one on the 1st day & was told it was out of stock which is not right at all but instead of waiting after a couple a days decided to cancel my order being pissed off since it was out of stock on the 1st day.

Another forum tested it with around 600 lumens which is perfectly ok, its still one of the brightest 1xAA flashlights and cheap with the coupon. It also offers a voltage check which is rare in such lights. Zebralight has it as well, dont know other light with this feature. For the price its really good. I ordered the black version. The S1 has 500 lumens? Both are good lights with different features. Mi7 has a voltage tester, reflector and 14500 which means thinner. I like thinner lights for EDC

in some manker lights there is the battery check indicator.
However this Klarus seems a very interesting piece… I hope I get my hands on the Mi7 soon, since it has a lot of features I love on lights (quick access to minimum and turb)…

Anyone got a RED mi7 and, say, a red S2 to make a comparison pic ?

I still say mine isn’t as bright as my 500 lumen SC52 or S1. It’s very noticeable. Maybe it’s defective? Anyway, I’m giving mine away to a friend.

Hi, Is very , very difficult compare a SC52 super flood with this XP-L Hi without technical equipment… I have many experiencie comparing different beams and I can say that is not possible fully appreciate the differences with my eyes.

I have all the lights that you comment, S1, SC52 and Mi7. With NiMH silmilar power, with 14500 more power the Mi7, The S1 with 16340 similar to Mi7 with 14500, but 3 lights have beams that are not comparables.

If your light is “really” defective, perhaps you must efective the guarantee.

I just want to say that I read the thread where the German reviewer got 550 measured lumens at best. So obviously it ain’t the 700 lumens that was presented up front and I am surprised that more people are not dissatisfied by that. A lot of you say that 500 lumens is OK by you. So, I guess each to their own.

Klarus claimed 700 lumens. Let’s just say that is a simple overstatement.
What happened to ANSI or …out the front lumens ratings? Honest ratings?
Shame on Klarus. Or just simply, let the buyer beware on this one.
Glad I held out. As a matter of fact, I will never buy a light again without a few trustworthy reviews to back it up. My intent is not to spoil it for anyone. It’s a nice light for sure, but disappointing to ME with the information I have gleaned about advertised brightness thus far.

One other thing I just noticed. There’s not much difference using an eneloop, or one of my many known good fully charged14500’s. This thing sucks.