DIY Wavien Collar?

is a wavien collar a circular dome with a hole on the top?
I was thinking of using a ping pong ball + aluminum foil to make one.
any suggestions?

Does anyone have a real wavien collar/data sheet to show? the pictures i see on the internet shows that they have some other stuff inside but I can’t catch what that is

Someone used a mini mag reflector cut down to create a reflection back onto the led. I looked for the thread but can’t find it.

Edit: found it

Helios beat me to it… :bigsmile:

…and good luck cutting them in half plus a hole on top… :~

O wait, you have plastic ones nowadays!
If they’re properly made reflective on the inside, why wouldn’t it work?

As long as your willing to risk being placed on the Naughty List.

because…? :frowning:

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Who else but :santa: would get upset? The rest of us love smashing ornaments. :wink:

Willful destruction of ornaments.

No flashlights under your Christmas tree!

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Here we have ‘sinterklaas’ (santa Claus) old-land-style, on december the 5th.
He also has a book and judges like he’s God though…
But, he gives presents! :slight_smile:
It has a mixed up history.
There once was this Catholic priest in Turkey somewhere, who took some care of some children or something.
and pronounced saint by Rome or something, or more like a derived folkloric version, joined with some ancient winter half-god concepts etc…
In the US this Santa Claus was somehow put on the date of Christmas, which in itself is just a ‘christened’ solstice celebration…
Coca Cola made him wear red eventually, so they say, but sinterklaas also wears red, but it’s typical Catholic dress, like a pope almost, with a mytre (originally the fish-mytre from Dagonism) and the sceptre.

Wavien collar…
Tomorrow I will check the Christmas decoration stuff for a suitable plastic bauble.

Take the original reflector and grind/ sand the bottom to open the hole then flip it over. Ta-da!

sounds doable and easy, but has anyone actually produced results? The emitter is SO SMALL, a variation of 1mm could reduce the effectiveness of this by the tens of percentages.

Yes, someone like Old Lumens, or 18sixfifty, DBCstm did it. In the pictures he showed that you could see the light reflected back to form a small circle and to use that to help center the reflector to shine right back at the reflector.

It was Comfychair with a minimag. See #2 post by Bushwacked :wink:

djozz was experimenting with something similar except he was applying a coating directly onto the LED, might give you some ideas…

Yes, but it was a C/D incan reflector, not a minimag.

Spherical is optimal, not parabloidal.

On the other hand, spherical is not what we have available.

How nice and how big of a hemisphere could a ball drill make? I don’t have any fancy tools, but I have a dremel and a cheap hand drill, and if there is a huge ball bit that can carve out a hemisphere out of aluminum, maybe that would be an option. The larger the sphere, the less perfect it has to be, and you can use some polish to shine it up I would imagine. Not as good as a fancy vacuum metal depositing machine thingamajig, but it’s something.

Sorry to bring this post back up, but i have done some DIY collars so far and they actually produce results! I put aluminum foil around rubber bouncy balls then I hot glued it. Since it is not perfect, I could see a faint image of the word noctigon and some red. But the beam is more intense! I made around 15 and picked the best one. If you just want that extra throw but do not want to pay $50 you can try doing this. Hope this helped!

I drew a happy face on my noctigon with a marker and you can see the face pretty clearly on a wall with one of the bad collars that I made (bad at focusing light back to emitter so it gets reflected back at the places around the pcb). This got me thinking of getting more flood by placing a flat piece of aluminum foil to reflect the light forward because of how bad the collar was at focusing the light on the PCB. But it was pretty much useless. The light was no where near bright enough.

Even my crappy collar made (eye visible results) image what a real collar can do! Anyone got ideas other than ornament balls? I cant find any balls that are under 25mm

Anyone know how to AR coat things? aspheric lenses coated with AR material on the flat side would be really nice

Nice report in Post 18. Sounds like great progress. Thank you for sharing. Got me wanting to do some of my own now.

If you get the time, please show us some pictures. No need to be fancy or precise since everyone know you are in the experimental stage.