DNF's Entry To OL Comp. 7.7.13 (7.7.13) Done and dusted.

Too many Pills…Frown

Oh Noooooooo Mister Bill! Smile

Sounds like you are having too much fun with this build. Good to see you out and doing something.

I’m down one switch on mine. Went to see a man about a horse and gremlins took it. Spent two days looking but no joy. Fortunately I bought two. Looking good, I like the piles of long shavings and the JPL fins.

Sorry OL. I still love Maxwell Smart after too many years. It’s still on here all the time. Maybe thats where the BS comes from. :slight_smile: Loopy Lucy with the shifty paws was the culprit.

Sorry about your lost switch mr duck. Its a bugger losing things hence the reference to Mrs dnf. She can usually find things quickly. I recall you losing a lens or reflector not long ago. Did it ever turn up? Maybe there colluding together somewhere in a dark corner about turning you nuts (or nuttier)?

To find small objects on the ground, I put a strong flashlight down on the floor and shine it horizontally around. Even the smallest objects throw long shadows that way :)

Thanks Mr chief, unfortunately it was outside on the grass. Fortunately I did find it. :slight_smile:

if I need to find something, I take off my socks and shoes…this works best of the iten is either a piece of lego or a hairbrush or english 13a plug.

I once found a TO3 power transistor (with the pins pointing up) that way… |(

Bezel and pill added to the first post.

That pill looks awesome! Nice work! The bezel is looking good too. Would be real nice if you can scrounge another brass for the tail end.

Thanks relic38. I’m trying. Got another guy trying to get me an off cut from anywhere.

Nice Work MRsDNF!! I like that Brass Bezel... the Copper Pill... the...the... I LIKE IT ALL!!!!

Danged nice work!

I like copper and I like brass. Heavy or not, here it comes. :beer:

MRsDNF, I have all kinds of material.... if you need something that I can get to you without taking out a loan for postage and taxes on your end, just let me know. If we can get it in a small flat rate box it wouldn't be too terrible for postage... Let me know.

Again, that sure is nice work!! Glad you found all your parts! Ha! Our dog doesn't bother anything.... but I had a cat one time that would steal anything not tied down!! ANYTHING!


Thanks TexasLumens. I could get the material ok if I paid for it. I just dont want to pay for it. :wink:

I understand.....I don't know about down under, but here when you buy Copper or Brass... YOU PAY!!! Whew! The prices have jumped a lot in the past year. No charge for anything I have that will work for you just let me know.


Looking very nice. Don’t get confused making those copper pills and make mine instead! :wink:

Really looking forward to seeing this wrapped up and polished out. :slight_smile:

As Mr duck would say, bump.

Looking good.

Last pictures and summary in the first post. This thing is done. For now that is. :wink:

Love the one piece design, the switch, the sheer output of it and how it’s made to fit your hand…not generically the human hand but YOUR hand. Love it! Great work man, really great to see you put the thought to it and pull it off. :wink: