DNF's Entry To OL Comp. 7.7.13 (7.7.13) Done and dusted.

I have really been looking forward to seeing the lights in the machine class. The 2 tone with the brass was a great touch DNF. The build quality is nice too. All the lines on that aluminum body look good. Even in the close ups the fins and threads are clean as a whistle.

Thanks for sharing.

Very nice MRsDNF, those bezel threads are beautiful,almost a shame to hide. Good finish and fast too. You obviously know what your doing.
Good Job!

I wish I had your skills and tools :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks very well made, it should last forever.

This is dang kool.

This is a great looking light, with a nice output!

I’m about to pour another drink, just for you! :beer: :beer: :beer:

wow beautiful work MRsDNF!

Thanks for the kind words guys. I promise the cheques are in the mail. Just dont try and cash them for at least a week. :bigsmile:

I like the three tone look and I hope you got through this without stressing your own repairs. Looks bright enough to me. 8)

Awesome looking light! Great job.

I love the marriage of materials, chamfering, and beautiful proportions. Well done!

WOW! That is a piece of work MRsDNF!! I like everything about it and certainly like the beam shots. The spot & spill are exactly what I like to see in a light.

Making a light or six myself, I truly admire that one piece body!!! Now & then I build one of those and the challenges faced on a one piece body are NOT for the timid or faint of heart!! That sir takes some serious machining abilities.

For those that don't know... think about it... That one piece body must be held from both ends at one time or another...sometimes multiple times.... , you get to cut threads on both ends, do boring, shaping, .... and soon... ANY MISTAKE YOU MIGHT MAKE..... wipes out ALL that previously done work!! Every move at the lathe no matter how small risks the entire piece.

NICELY DONE MRsDNF! You can turn cranks in my shop anytime. I sure enjoyed all the images and overall creativity as well. You are an inspiration to us all!

Truly a work of art! Thanks for sharing. Dan.

I only can imagine the difficulties of making this (in fact I want to asked about how hard this one piece thing before your post came up).
Believe it or not, as a non technical guy, I do really enjoy read whole process and truly appreciate this very nice work.

Two thumbs up for MRsDNF

Absolutely brilliant work of art Steve, I think TexasLumens pretty much said it all right there. Simply amazing stuff

Very nice creation indeed… Lot of work here…

As I am performance thrower fan 30KCD would simply not satisfy my needs…

This flashlights screams for aspheric and de-domed XP-E2 at 3amp that could easily result in 150KCD of throw.

But of course we all have different needs :wink:

Thanks again guys. Mr lumens understands perfectly but I did leave one one bit out. Its the second light like this I’ve done it to. You drop it on the concrete floor. Expletives, lots of them happen and both times its been the thread where the bezel screws on. A bit like a cat landing on its feet. I have a round wooden leg of a lounge room table that is used to fix damage like this amongst other things. You can see it in the fifth picture down in the first post. Its a valuable tool.

Wow, that one is great. I love all the lights you made, but this one is the best thusfar. And that bronze bezel is really nice.

Very well done sir. That monster pill vs C8 shot is great.

I would love to have access to a spot like that. :beer:

That is an awesome light MRsDNF! I like the grip grooves and the heatsinking. Nice work!

that’s beautiful, I think you’ve excelled yourself here. It really does look like a professional work of art and the fact that it works well as a light doesn’t hurt :slight_smile:

There is so much about this light that is beyond cool. Another MRsDNF work of art with superior functionality.