Do you EDC a pen?

Im thinking of carrying a Fisher Space Pen, I just came across one I havent thought of or seen one of those pens in ages, but it looks nice and compact.

In addition to a knife and a light, does anyone EDC a pen?

Yep. In fact I'm thinking about launching


Wow, that would be awesome!

Just kidding. But yes, I do EDC pens.

I used to back when I worked with Sheaffer Pen. Of course they weren't budget, but they were the best I've ever used. Sheaffer is long gone now. Sold off, run off, closed down and taken to C....

I do my small pocket knife on my key chain has a pen, a red light, knife and scissors.

Funny you mention that. I was at academy sports browsing around and spotted this:

its an aluminum tactical flashlight pen with xpc cree flashlight combo. Thought it was interesting

Yes, I EDC ballpoints and the odd propelling pencil, but no tactical pens.

Plus one in the car, one in shirt pocket, one in bag, many at home, many at work.

The nicer ones get desk duty at home, and I load up on promo pens at trade shows and conferences - usually manage to get 40-50 which last the family all year.

The Fisher space pens are lustworthy but I can't justify spending the money or worrying about an investment in one pen.

I leave a pencil and pad in my camera bags, suitcases, jacket pockets and in other strategic places.

I want a Ti pen. Not cheap and I would probably lose it but I WANT one!

I edc one of these in black:

Had it for years now. One recommendation: when edc'ing a ballpoint pen, go for the pressurized "spacepen" type refills. All the cheapo ones I bought stopped working in a short time. Oh, and I also carry this:

A tiny permanent marker, very useful at times.

Edit: For anybody who wonders, the pen is a Tombow Object XL, and the marker a "Edding 0.5"

My go-to pen is the Pilot Precise V7. I used to be a teacher's aid and this was the most commonly used pen (among teachers) at the schools that I worked for. Pilot also makes a retractable V7, but I prefer the older version.

This thread resurrected my interest in an EDC pen... maybe the Telepen?

Looks good according to this review:

While I was working I used to carry a Cross Pen and Pencil, but no pocket protector. I don't carry one now, but, there is usually one around where I am at.

I carry a Schrade gen 3 with a modified-to-fit pressurized fischer ink:

Not HAIII, obviously...

Dude !

You so got me !

Me too!

I would read that forum for sure :)

of course. always.

uni-ball® Jetstream™ Rollerball Pens, Fine Point, Black, Dozen about 30usd., also

Sharpie® Fine Point Permanent Markers, Black, Dozen about 8usd

No, but only becuase I lose pens. Any time I put a pen in my pocket, it ends up missing. That's why I stopped getting nicer (G2, etc.) pens because I only have them for a short while. I might consider EDCing a Sharpie since they are a nice size to use as a Kubotan... Sealed

Isn't firearms carry perfectly legal in Texas? Why you need a kubotan when you can carry an AK-47 in your car and three pistols + eight knives on yourself? If I could, I would

Who says I don't??? Laughing