Do You Guys Think My Son Would Like This For A Christmas Gift

Seriously thinking about buying one of these for my son for Christmas. He likes the smaller lights with a case. This one looks good and should be a good light.

Please share your thoughts and as always thanks guys.


And here's the link.

I wish you were my dad! I'm sure he will love it

First of all its a very good flashlight but 3*18650 in parallel is not small.

and how old is your son , a child want something that can be carried around in the pocket.

and under 12 Years i would say its to powerful because the possibility of showing friends how bright it is and by accident blinding them is high.


Thanks. I may just have to add me one later on as well. I really like the looks of that one and the fact that it takes 3 18650's.

Maybe would buy something smaller and handier for kid (what age).

A big light is not often with you, a large light like that in a kids pocket - probably won´t be there much, only for purpose and show-off.

Something small & bright might get more use HOWEVER a great light like that will definitely cause more WHOA -effect both in buddies and when opening the packet.

He's 20. He has some good smaller lights. I got him a Keygos KE-5 coming. Notice I did not mention any sellers or ebay links that might get some upset. I know he can't wait to get it. He knows how bright mine is.

He also has a TR-1200 with the extension tube to take 3 18650's. His friends really are impressed by that one.

I just want to get him a real nice one that I think he will like. This one seems to fit the bill.

I agree. I would pick pretty much something similar in this kind of situation! :)

I have no personal experience with this light, but it sure looks nice!

Depending on how old your son is, a lecture on lithium ion battery safety might also be in order. Three 18650 in parallel should be safer than in series, but going over the basics (ie. matching cell voltage, etc) and the operation of a DMM still can't hurt.

Having a 18650 blow up in your pocket, as unlikely as it is, most likely will hurt. ;)

Edit: Sorry, didn't see your reply. I guess battery safety isn't going to be an issue then. :)

get him this something all 20 year old boys like

very nice lights

i cant see any prices for the lights have i over looked somthing

I can't imagine him NOT liking that V60c! I'm with EDC...I wish you were my dad, too! :)


my dads idea of a good light is those cheap multi leds on the counter at vip. hed never get me a light more than $5. i know if i opened that up for xmas, itd ruin all the other presents i got

Thanks for the comments guys. Well that was one that caught my eye. But I'm just getting ideas right now. I won't be buying until Nov anyway. But no harm in Christmas shopping early. I still got my eye on a Olight SR51 for him if I don't buy one of these.

Im 23,and would love to get flashlight like that. My dad always argue wtih me about my obsession with flashligth, and he's telling me not to spend money on that shit :( That why I have to get all by my self.(btw Im on Master study for mechanichal engineer and not easy to get money, no time:(

So if your son(or any other wife, friend, son from people on forum) doesn't like gift I'll send you my adres :D I would much appriciated it :D :P

Wow I am 43 and I would love to get that light for Christmas. What is not to like about built in charging circuit, 3 18650s driving an XML with an awesome looking reflector. Some real thought went into engineering this light. This is the type of light that might make me bust out of the wallet and spend some money. I don't think you can go wrong with this one as a gift.

I think it's really a good light... And remember that if your son don't like it, i'm here for you DADDY!

No internal charging circuit, its just a direct connection to the batteries. I wouldn't use the supplied charger because it charges 3S without provision for balancing. Protected cells are a MINIMUM, far better if you use those cells and an external charger.

A V60C is definitely on my dream list! 5 lumens satisfies my need for a "low" level output. Not low low, but low enough for me.

Dad that looks fine.

I do live in London now.

yeah get it for him great torch i would like one with out the charger