Do you use suspension clips ?

I am a suspension clip fan . Many small lights do not have clips but can be retrofitted with a suspension clip for EDC . I got mine here .

I want to see your personal suspension rigs . Post 'em up !

I have been wanting to try one out, does this part of the clip bother you when attached to your belt / jeans?

I have not been bothered by that portion of the clip . I always clip these to the outside of a pants pocket and haven't ever snagged it on anything . I suppose you could bend the tab of the clip easily enough if it protruded too much for your tastes .

When I got these clips , they were too tight . I had to drive them onto the edge of a hatchet to loosen them up to a 1/16" gap .

When I am wearing my S2 with it's deep carry clip , it binds a little sometimes when I am seated .

The suspension clip adds a ' hinge ' that makes it more comfortable . By the way , the 'oval' split rings that come with these clips are ideal . The oval nature allows the clip to be more easily threaded into small spaces .

OH no Jack, we have one of those US Vs UK words meaning something else problems here my friend.

suspenders in the UK are what I think you guys refer to as “hold ups”? Ladies underwear that attach to the tights at the top to keep them in place.

So No I don’t wear suspenders !!

It was meant to be a bit of a play on words .

I thought that you fellows called them 'braces' .

A 'hold up' here means a robbery .

Retitled thread to avoid improper allusions for my friends across the pond .

Oh, and by the way ...

Let's see your rigs .

Yes , men wear braces !

Braces here are the orthodontic appliances used to straighten ones teeth .

OK, I’ll bite:

Would you be better served by clipping to the inside of a pants pocket? Not sure I'd feel comfy having an external " dangler" .

Clipping to the inside would serve to protect torch while it would be inside the pocket and also keep the torch from accumulating fluff from the bottom of the pockets. Would also protect from abrasions with other objects in there as well.

Just sayin, never tried it out myself.

By outside I meant the corner of the pocket farthest from the belt buckle .

My 'dangler' is in my pants .

EDIT: the wordplay in this thread ...

I noticed those when I went to the op’s link, those look real nice and a good price and 316 stainless to boot, I’m gettin some on my next order. Sorry for off topic.

As I searched for clips to mount-on convoys or similar I’ve found these @Banggood and will include some with my next order:

It seems to be the same item for a better price but unfortunately w/o the nice rings.

Definitely keep the dangler in the pants :smiley:

Nice alternative to a clip when it’s not applicable. Thanks

Another option if you have a drill is to use the handle of a teaspoon suitably bent and drilled to take a split ring.
BTW the oval shaped split rings are available in a set from in the TEC Accessories: Split Ring Kit 2 no doubt they will be available in other countries as well TEC is a well known name.
The oval split rings fit the pocket better having less width to “print” on the outside and a more comfortable carry.
Any other split rings I buy from ebay or Amazon.

No reason not to put the split ring on the bent out portion and have the straight part outside your pocket if you’re bothered about it catching on something or marking paintwork etc.

lots of them in various metals, many sources