Does anyone currently produce a 2x 21700 thrower?

Basically as the title implies, is anyone making a 2x 21700 thrower?

There are a number of 2x18650’s, and a number of 1x 21700’s.

What I’d really like is a 2x21700. The reason being, the ability to have a long lasting but powerful ‘Medium’ mode.

For example, the Acebeam T28 is rated for 550lm for 4.5hrs; I’d love a 550lm for 9hrs light.

“For example, the Acebeam T28 is rated for 550lm for 4.5hrs; I’d love a 550lm for 9hrs light.”

You can always carry another cell with you, it’s the same weight.

How about a Convoy L2 with 2x26650?

For me, a single 21700 light doesn’t really justify getting into a new battery format; I’d rather have a 2x18650 thrower vs a 1x21700 as the runtimes are comparable.

Also, I just prefer the classic flashlight aesthetic of long tube, big head. And since a Thrower with 60mm+ head is not a pocket light, there’s really no point in having a big head + short tube format.

It seems like 21700 is the post-18650 future, so I don’t want to get into 266650’s.

A 2x21700 L2 would be great through. Or a 2x21700 version of the L21A.

Ideal fantasy island would a Armytek Barracuda Pro 2x21700.

What you want is the MAXTOCH X PRO. End of story.

Thin bezel (aka maximized throw-for-size ratio), Osram white flat (throw king), and 2x21700. Pricey though. It’s been on my wishlist and would displace my Thrunite TN31 in my collection.

No affiliation here. Link to their site. Idk if anyone has it for less $ or if there are any coupons.

Thank you! That torch is the perfect form factor.

However, the runtimes / mode levels are a little off for what I’m after.

Maxtorch 2x21700:

1200lm x 1hr 50 min
930lm x 2hr 50 min
150lm x 27hr

Maxtorch 2x18650
1450lm x 1hr 20 min
1000lm x 2hr 5 min
250lm x12hr

Acebeam T28 1x21700
1350lm x 1hr 30 min
550lm x 4hr 30 min
150lm x 15hr

—> The 21700 seems to offer pretty minimal improvement in runtime over their 18650 version? And in both cases, ‘Medium’ mode is too bright, pretty close to the High.

And High for the 21700 is barely better then Medium from the 18650, in terms of runtime and brightness?

Overall, I love the format and reflector. But it really seems to not stack up well vs Maxtorch’s 18650 light, or Acebeams Single 21700.

A lot of that has to do with the Osram LED. It gives lots of throw, but not many lumens. If you evaluated lux vs runtime, I’m sure you’d have a different opinion. The beam on this light would be super narrow and intense. 1900m equates to ~900,000 lux. This is what they claim, but I would guess its closer to ~800k sustained. The Acebeam T28 uses a Cree XHP35, which has considerably less throw, but a much larger spot and more lumens and lumens/watt.

In addition, running 2 cells in series to a 3V emitter is almost always going to be less efficient because the driver has to work harder to convert the larger voltage gap. The trade-off though is full regulation. Let’s face it though, will you really use this for 2 hours continuously? And if so, spare batteries are probably the smallest part of your gear you are using in such a situation. 21700s only have 50% more energy than it’s 18650 brethren. I don’t know how much you expect, but that’s the most it’ll be.

Ah, the emitter difference does help explain the difference in runtime.

The mode levels for High-Medium are just too close; and then the Low is too far away.

Ideally, what I would have loved to see was:

1000lm x 2.5hr
500lm x 5hr
250lm x 10hr

Or using an XHP35:

1450lm x 2hr
700lm x 6hr
350lm x 12hr

I would think of it as a two mode light honestly. What you have is Turbo, Hi, Lo. Hi will give ~80% for 2x the time and 1/2 the heat of Turbo. A single Lo mode is all that really makes sense in this form factor. If you want something with less power and reach, a smaller light will serve you well. This is a purpose built thrower. A light that you’ll only want to use on max. I think if you had the chance to actually use lights of this type, you’ll quickly agree. Once you exceed the size/weight threshold of “comfortable to carry or pocket”, more than two or three modes is a waste and will never be used and just get in the way. It’s like someone using a machete to peel a potato.

I have Armytek Barracuda Pro now, which I love.

Between the 1500lm Highx1hr vs 350lm x 8hr mode, I use the 350lm mode the most. To me, the advantage of a thrower is that its capable of very good range and performance at medium lumens, with the ability to last all night due to the multi-cell configuration.

Based on the performance of the Barracuda at 350lm, I’d really like something like a ‘Super ’Cuda’ in 21700, that could do ~500lm x 8hrs.

I just don’t know what your application is. What is your environment, objective, and targets to be illuminated? Do you drain a full set of batteries in a night, or possibly even multiple sets? To me, needing a super thrower like this makes me assume very distant targets, where spill beam never touches. This means that spot size or beam angle and center-beam intensity are the specs that matter. Lumens in this case wouldn’t be relevant. Maybe that’s why I’m confused.

Your last comment tells me you do have field experience with these lights, and that you understand the value of Lux/W, but maybe never thought of it in those units. The reason you like the thrower lights is because you can get the required light on target with less power consumption than a with a less focused flashlight. Now consider that between (I’m guessing you have the v2 with XHP35-HI) the Barracuda and X Pro, that there is a 5x difference in beam intensity. This means throw at 150lm setting is aprox equal to the Barracuda on 750lm. If your targets are at close range or very large objects, then a higher lumen, larger surface area emitter would be more appropriate.

I hadn’t realized how much more intense the beam is of the Maxtoch. Are there any reviews / beamshots / videos of it in action?

Is the beam close to that of some of the LEP lights out there IE super tight? Or similar to what we see here with the Weltool T11?

[url]Testing weltool t11 - YouTube

That might be a bit ‘too much of a good thing.’

What I like about the Barracuda is that it’s sort of a ‘modern maglite.’ It’s got excellent reach and a bias towards throw, but it also has enough spill to see whats going on in the foreground.

The cell of the beast? I don’t blame you.


Honestly though, I think 26650’s get a bad rap. The form factor can be nice and they have higher max capacities than 21700 cells. They aren’t better for pocket EDC lights, but not all lights are meant for that anyway.

Agree. And it fits in my hand better.

I actually really like them, and the 26800s too. I have very large hands, so it feels better to me to hold on to a thicker diameter flashlight. The increased length of 26800 lights is a welcome change, too. Plus, the increased runtimes are nice. I won’t be throwing away my 18650 or 21700 lights any time soon, though.

Nitecore MH40S is a good one for LED. Otherwise for a pure thrower, LEP and the Maxtochs

SP70 with 21700 cells? You can get it with very decent 26650’s though. Or at least you used to be able to. Love mine, its my “bump in the night” light.

Oh I forgot about the Lumintop PK21! I love mine and it’s for real 8000+ lumens and over 1100 m throw