Does anyone currently produce a 2x 21700 thrower?

Depending on your price point you may want to look at the wt-90 - you can run that on 2 cells if you wish (will take 3 21700’s). The wt-90 will give some serious throw if that’s what you are after. You can run that on the mid modes forever. The wt-90 is a 4500 lumen light with a 1 million candela throw!

I also have the SP-70 and you can run two 21700’s in that - flat tops such as the Molicell P42A or the new 45B’s also. The SP-70 is a nice “midrange” throwing with some spill. On the sofirn 26650 batteries I get about 4100 lumens - 21700’s I get 5800 - quite boost! - (ANSI)

Convoy m21g and swap in a 50.3hi

Sofirn SF47T ?

I’ve been trying to get my hands on one for a while. The only people that seem to have them in stock won’t ship to the USA.


This listing shows 7 available.\_randl_shipto=US

Yes. They will not ship to the USA.

It’s Chinese New Year season. Many Chinese sellers have shut down for this period. I would just try again after 2 weeks.

FYI the actual CNY day is the 22nd, but for they basically all shut off for a month.

Unfortunately, the listing has been like that since the first time I saw it and tried to purchase the item 4 months ago.

What did they say when you DM’d them about this issue?

I added the item to my cart and tried to buy it, and AE told me I couldn’t buy it. I wouldn’t bother trying to contact the people who set it up this way because…they are literally the ones who set it up to be unavailable to me. I’m sure they have their reasons, even though I’m disappointed.

A simple direct message to their store would most likely sort it out, or at least shed some light on what the reason is.

I don’t mean any offense - but your response seems a little silly to me. I am sure they don’t have any bias or vendetta against you in particular or Marylanders in general. Plenty of folks from the States regularly purchase from Sofirn’s AE store.

Then again, I could be wrong. Maybe this Chinese company - roughly 8000 miles away from you - really hate the state of Maryland :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d wager it is most likely some system glitch or similar.

That being said - I just want to re-iterate that they are in holiday mode atm. They may or may not respond in a timely manner.

Ugh. Next time you post, try not to be so incredibly condescending. You knew you were about to be rude when you said “I don’t mean any offense, but.”

I never said it was a personal grudge against me or Maryland. I said that THIS ITEM doesn’t ship TO THE USA, and provided a screenshot showing this. I have bought from the AE Sofirn store plenty of times.

Like I said, a simple DM to sofirn would very likely clear this up. You made it sound like you refuse to DM simply because there must be “some reason”.

If it were me, I would want to know what that reason was.

Because I agree with you - it’s kind of weird they wouldn’t want to sell you this light in particular. Either it’s out of stock, or there’s some other reason why. My question is, why wouldn’t you want to find out what that reason is? Especially when it’s so relatively quick and easy to do so?

I had a similar situation last year trying to buy 3 vapcell battery chargers from the wurkkos store. After adding them to the cart it said they couldn’t ship to my location. I e-mailed them a couple of times to explain the problem to them but to no avail.I finally ended up just buying them directly from Vapcell.

The screenshot shows that it’s in stock. Please read more carefully.

I honestly don’t even know how to go about attempting to message a large Chinese company like Sofirn. It seems like that would be a complete waste of time to me, because a response back is very unlikely. But if it’s so easy, why don’t you do it and let us know the results?

Are you on the app or the website? You can directly message the Official Sofirn Aliexpress store. Once again - I don’t actually mean offense or to be condescending - but did you really not know that you could do that? I’ll give the benefit of the doubt, maybe you truly did miss it even after having used the website so many times, by your own account. I’m just genuinely surprised that you didn’t know.

This image above is for mobile and the image below is for website. Click on “message” or “contact” and you will be in direct messaging with Sofirn CS

Now, as to why I don’t do it myself? Well, to be honest, it’s your issue. I don’t get that can’t ship error on my end. I may just do it anyway because by now I’m just curious to really see what’s the problem.

TrustFire T90R.

I’m on a Windows 7 PC. Anyway…I’m not sure why you assume this is an error. It may just be a law (or corporate policy) in other countries that certain goods can only be sold in certain markets. I don’t know why this flashlight would be any different than the rest, but the listing is set up that way. If it was an error, would it really linger for months? Their stock was 15 when I first tried to buy one, and now it’s down to 7. Someone in some region is able to buy them, so it’s probably working as intended.

As to messaging vendors on AE and expecting them to respond with good customer service (or at all, really) I seriously doubt it. It would be like going on and expecting to get really nice quality products there…kind of naive. Simon is probably the only AE vendor that would respond, and that’s because he’s so awesome.

It takes no time at all. And if you get no response - so be it. I just find it curious that you would refuse to try and get clarification from a company just because of the notions you mentioned and particularly because it’s so easy to do and costs you nearly nothing. Sofirn/Wurkkos actually do reply. I wouldn’t have suggested messaging them if I didn’t think you’d get an answer - as I’ve done it myself on many an occasion. Admittedly their replies are often in (probably) machine-translated English, but it’s intelligible nonetheless.

I’ve already messaged them, which took all of 30 seconds. I don’t expect a prompt reply, due to their public holiday, but I do expect one. Lets see if we can’t get to the bottom of this.

You could try here for the SF47T. Depends on how bad you want it and of course buyer beware. I cannot speak for the legitimacy of the site.