Does anyone throw axes?

Occasionally I used to throw axes for fun, on hikes I’m thinking of taking one with me for extra utility and maybe target practice on a stump while I’m out there on mountains hiking/camping. Manafont has a cheap one, does anyone know if this is weighted for throwing? I’m not sure if I want to take my nice Gil Hibben thrower out there, it seems a bit less useful if I were to need to actually use it to chop wood. This Manafont axe has a wood handle riveted on however, and I once had a set of long Muela throwing knives, they werent very forgiving of handle hits/off targets with this type of handle. Anyone used them/know of a good axe or deal on one?

i don’t throw axe but a knife,it so hard to do i end up miss all the time :~

Yeah thats why I’m wondering about this handle. I had some long throwing knives, great heavy throwing knives but you could hit on the blade point only, it took just one handle hit and one splintered.

Sounds like a cool, potentially handy skill. That axe looks like it might be designed for throwing. Looks a bit thin for chopping wood for kindling and such. Might just be designed for looks though. One of my favorite budget axe makers is Fiskars. Very strong steel and good designs. They make some hatchets too, but I don't know if they are good for throwing. Here is a vid of one being thrown.

I throw knives and tomahawks every day behind my house. I have 2 throwing blocks set up. I have a Gil Hibben custom stainless steel tomahawk that I throw every day and have yet to put a scratch or dent or mark anywhere on it. I would not hesitate to chop down a tree with it if the situation demanded it. To me, sticking a knife or tomahawk in the bullseye is the same feeling as hitting the sweet spot on a long drive off the tee when playing golf.

Tks, yeah that might work, looking for dual purpose and I suspect that one I posted is just for throwing and couldnt sustain real use. I think the bottom handle curve may be a problem for throwing though.

Rebel, do you have a link to these Gil Hibben tomahawks. Was it custom made for you or is there a model you recommend?

Which Gil Hibben? or: or something else?

I have the first Gil Hibben one I linked, its pretty nice for throwing, used to throw them a lot but, I did bend the corner of it on a throw, and the main axe blade also got bent on another hit through usage. I suspect the second link would be better for starting out though, a lot more angles to “stick” it from.

For just throwing this looks like it could be cheap/good, but no good for chopping, anyone have experience with it?:

Thanks B42. I appreciate the advice. Those are a bit aggressive looking for me. I live in the country and no one would question me carrying a normal looking hatchet. Those would likely attract undo attention.

It's funny. I have several hatchets around here. I have a wood burning stove and use them to make kindling. I have tried throwing all of them from time to time and they all have terrible balance. Your thread has me interested in getting one. I'm leaning towards Fiskars because it will make me happy even if it doesn't throw. I'm going to keep watching your thread and see what other suggestions come forward first.

NP, I’m similar here, I want something that I can throw and and use for wood chopping and doesnt look so aggressive as well. I have a few throwers, and I know the Gil Hibben axes are all good for target practice, but they aren’t very good for carrying around hiking: not only do they not seem to be good for chopping, but they may look questionable to some LEO or scare some other hikers. I know the first Gil Hibben also has bent a few times on hitting targets when I used to throw a lot (yeah I may have thrown too hard and not struck dead on).

The Gil Hibben ax that I throw is neither one of the links posted. I originally bought it from Bud K, but I went to their website and I don’t see it anymore. I’ve had it about 2-3 years now. The box has “Warrior Throwing Ax” on it and a part #GH5004. It came with a leather belt holster also. I’ll try to post a pic of it after I get off work today. It is flat, stainless steel and kind of heavy. But it’s balanced perfectly for me. Here is a pic that I found posted on the web

That's a nice looking axe Rebel. Looks a bit thicker than the ones above. So it's no longer commercially available?

This isn't budget, but I had to share because I want the 29" version:


I've read that Gransfors Bruks bought Wetterling a couple of years ago so they are basically the same steel – Wetterlings tend to be a little less expensive just because they don’t have the same reputation as Gransfors. I haven't searched for Wetterling throwing axes yet.

Tough getting them to stick though, the neighbors cats are pretty quick!

The handle says SOG? Am I reading that right? How does that baby throw Dale?

It is a SOG. Fun toy… Not really designed for work. Too lite.

I throw them only at neighbours that make me nervous :X

Lanyard. The handle gets a bit slick when wet.