Does Anyone Want To Take Over My 10A Switch Project?

Hi everyone,

Many of you will be aware of the switch to which this thread refers. If not here is the link to the original thread about it:

Basically I don't have the time to keep making these switches after my original stock of donor switches and copper leads runs out, so I'm asking if anyone else wants to take over the project. I'm not asking for any money, just someone with the time, skills and interest to provide these switches to the flashlight community. It would be a shame if these switches became unavailable, since it's still one of very few high current switching options available.

I currently have a waiting list much longer than the remaining switches I'm able to assemble, so there are plenty of sales to be had. I also haven't advertised this switch beyond BLF, so there is still a fair amount of untapped flashlight community left. Plus many of my previous customers have come back for more.

The interested party will receive all files and information needed to build the switches, including: the 3D printable plastic part models, laser/water jet profiles for the leads, switch and assembly information. Also the designs to my QTC system, the switch was originally designed for, will be included.

Preferably the interested party should hail from North America, since that's where most of the parts are supplied from and the majority of the demand is.

The initial outlay this project would require is around $500-600. That should get: 100 sets of copper leads made, 100 of the Judco switches, 12 switch bodies and some brass threaded rod. The leads and switches become cheaper, the larger the order quantity, while the 3D printed plastic housings don't.

If you are interested please post in this thread.


Tofty, I can only thank you for creating and supplying these switches. Each light I've built using one of these has something special in it. I hope your generosity here gets picked up by someone as it would be a shame for these to disappear.

i might be interested can i PM u ?

Thanks for all the work T. Without doubt the most robust switches around.

Is this a crazy idea?

What would happen if we cooperated. specfically it seems that the achilles heel of this project is the 3D printer. maybe two folks could share the load and split up the work. maybe one guy would be willing to make the plastic parts (or even a home injection moldeing machine) and the other guy can handel the rest. if some 3D printer folks stepped up and am hopeful that others could then see handeling the rest.


Thanks guys,

Nitro PM sent.

Ronin, it's a possibility, but there are a few things that would make it difficult as a cooperative project.

Firstly domestic printers aren't suitable, as the required detail and specific surface finish cannot be replicated my filament type printers. It requires direct sintering and such machines cost tens, sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. The only way to get these parts currently is to order them from Shapeways, as they provide the cheapest service. Injection moulding might work, but the parts are quite complex and the cost of the dies needed would require a minimum order of 5000 parts, to bring the unit price below the current solution.

I’m very interested.

Welcome to the forum Andy!

(redacted) Too much on my plate.

i contacted about 5 company's to have a quote on having the copper parts made so ill post back when i hear something

It would be great if you could pick this project up Nitro. I really wanted a high current switch for my L2P’s. So I would be a customer right away.

I would buy many right away, I’ll keep an eye on this thread!! :slight_smile:

Bump. Any news on this useful idea?

I’m very interested as well, definitely gonna buy a few when they come back.

I am interested and also there is someone on the “other forum” trying to pass off a tofty for $80.00 not sure if its the same switch as whats posted?

I had a similar experience from a member over there :zipper_mouth_face:

Bump! Anything going on here? Nitro? Tofty? Anybody?

I wonder, since the testing of some of the Omten switches, showed that they will take high amps, if this switch is unfortunately, a mute point, due to the cost of components and the problem of finding someone to make the housings?

I thought about taking on the project, but I did not feel that it would be cost effective. Really Great switch no doubt! Just needs to be made by some company that could do a volume business with it.

Just my thoughts, right or wrong.

Tofty, Send me the files. I love a manufacturing challenge!

Tofty - I’m certainly interested and will shoot you a PM. Although it having been a year since this thread first started I’m sure that this initiative is either dead or the new fabricator is well on their way.