Does the ring tone of vapcell S4 + need to be cancelled?

We have learned that some users don’t like this ringtone

We set up the program, there will be a bell to remind us after the charge and other programs are completed

Not for me. But I’ve got one already. It eases my mind from not thinking constantly:

Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?
Are we there yet?

I don’t quite understand what you mean. My English is poor :cry:

I like the ringtone but I would also like an option to turn it on or off. Maybe a simple on/off slide button on the side or holding down a button (combination) on startup?

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Thank you for your feedback. At present, the mold forming of the shell cannot be changed

Adding buttons is difficult

If there is no option to turn it off/on then remove it.
I find ringtones on appliances/devices to be absolutely detestable, especially when it’s borderline useless. I was actually considering buying this charger at some point but I guess I wont now.

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Mine only beeps once each cell has completed charge so no more than 4 beeps. For me that is not a problem.

As I was typing, my multi-meter beeped to remind me it was still on and I hadn’t used it for a while. good beeps.

If it was continuous like the alarm on my work iPhone that goes off just before the daily meeting every weekday and that I can’t snooze or turn off if I’m driving or on the toilet or driving the toilet - THAT IS A PROBLEM

Yes, please update the firmware so that the speaker can be disabled or enabled.

Enable the speaker by default.

The CURRENT button could be held down for 3 seconds:
Turn the display off for one second and on again to indicate that the speaker has been disabled.
Beep once to indicate that the speaker is enabled.

This may help users disable the speaker without making a beeping noise.

My S4+ had no ring tone out of the box. I don’t really care so I never checked to see why.

Apparently my English is not that good either.
I mean that at my desk I can easily connect a 1-bay charger or a 2-bay charger to my PC. And I can monitor the progress of the charging proces with one quick glance while I’m working on my PC.
Bigger chargers like the S4+ (or the Opus) are operating some 4 feet away from me, just outside my direct view. I notice that I often get out of my chair to see it they are ready yet. That’s what I meant bij “Are we there yet?”. And that’s why I think a warning “beep” is quite nice.

I like it.

its not a deal breaker, i wouldnt want no ringtone at all, i think a shorter beep is good enough

I don’t mind having it, plus it tells you when a battery is charged.

Yes…remove it please. It is annoying. While you’re at it remove those series of beeps when you first plug it in. There are four or five of those.

A More important issue that I brought up with my home town dealer is it’s picky and INCONSISTENT with the MANUAL current selection. Some batteries it won’t let me charge up to 3000mAh or 2500mAh for that matter… Those same batteries, at other times it will if I plug/ unplug it.

It is not always based on internal resistance. Because of the inconsistencies I’ll be able to achieve 3000 milliamps and not being able to achieve it with the same batteries.

I have two of these. So unless they break soon I won’t benefit from the change for several more years.If you choose to remove those beeps and possibly make the manual current selection more consistent with the same batteries.

I like the single (per cell) beep for the same reason as Henk4U2. I don’t have to get up and look at the charger to see if it is finished its task, as mine too in most often not in my line of sight but is close for me to hear. One beep is fine. Continuous would be terrible.

I prefer the unit as is, though if it was possible to select via firmware that would be fine too.

Does it have Bluetooth like the other chargers?

Or how can i update the firmware?

I like the ringtone/beep. Maybe you could add another mode called “Night Mode” or something for the people who don’t want to be disturbed by beeping.

Don’t see the point of a ring tone. Especially when you have all day to charge. However, a ring tone for inserting the battery in backwards might be nice. Can’t tell you how many times I’ve put a battery in a charger backwards, only to find out later when I needed it, it never charged.

"Ring tone"? It would be nice to set the "ring tone" to The Nile Song, or The Immigrant Song or Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, or Rainbow In The Dark.

If by "ring tone" what is meant is the electronic beep sound, there should be an option to disable it. Or change the ring tone to a different sound. I bought four Vapcell S4 Plus chargers, one for each room, no more running around looking for it in the other room.

I prefer an audible alert to a battery reaching termination.