DPS3012 30V 12A Digital Bench power supply module + acrylic box perfect for testing LED's and drivers!

Ok, I am looking to upgrade to a larger unit and need the money from selling this one to do so. It works great, been using it for a few months now and have not had a single issue.

Very stable and great performance. Also quite accurate.

You can see my review of it from a few months back here: Review of DP50V5A & DPS3012 bench top power supply modules, best bang for the buck around!

It comes complete fully assembled as I have been using it. Including the custom acrylic box (pease excuse the ugly glue, works great though), banana jacks, XT60 power port, 48V 150W power supply that is setup for 36v output, extra fan to help keep it cool at high currents, power switch and the time to cutout and build it.

I am asking $65 + shipping (should be about $10 in the US, contact with zip code for exact quote)

From the manufacturer:

General Information

The constant voltage and constant current programmable control power supply module put the collection of analog integration and digital control functions in one. Its adjustable output voltage range is 0-32.00V, step by 0.01V. Its adjustable output current range is 0-12.00A, step by 0.01A. This module has power-down stored function and can store 10 groups preset value. And it also has the function of extracting quickly two groups stored value. Compared with the traditional analog power supply, it is more convenient to quickly extract the voltage or current required. LCD display on the module has the function digital voltmeter and ammeter. You can view the preset voltage, input voltage, output voltage, the preset current, output current, output power, etc. on the output state remind area, you can see that output opens or not, the state of constant voltage and constant current, output is normal or not, the key is locked or not, and the current data groups that is being used. On the setting data interface, you can adjust overvoltage value, overcurrent value, over-power value, data set and LCD brightness. This module has many advantages, small size, advanced function, good visual effect, high operability, high-precision, being used independently, being inset into the device and been widely applied.

Technical parameters

Input voltage range: 6.00-40.00V Output voltage range: 0V-32.00V

Output current: 0-12.00A Output power range: 0-348W

Product Weight: about 225g Display module size: 79*43*41(mm) (L*W*H)

Open size: 71mm*39mm Power module size: 93*71*41(mm) (L*W*H)

Length of connecting line: 200mm Fixed hole center distance: 86mm, 64mm

Output voltage resolution: 0.01V Output current resolution: 0.01A

Output Voltage accuracy: ± (0.5% + 1 digit) Output Current accuracy: ± (0.5% + 2 digits)

NOTE: 1.You must make sure that the input voltage is 1.1 times higher than output voltage. Under large current circumstances, pay attention to heat elimination.