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Thrunite TN31 mod

My first real in-depth mod, and probably the one that turned out the best, hehe.
Congratulations on 7k posts!

I joined BLF because what I really liked was to buy cheap lights and mod them.
In this forum I learned a lot and managed to complete my “biggest lumens small flashlight”, an ultrafire F13 with four xhp-50.

Nichia and Qlite Convoy S4:

Nothing fancy but this evening I took a few minutes to get this guy off my TODO list.

first mod i ever did… used it to make a hollow pill “hold” a star that wouldnt fit… since i made it our of copper? it started conducting heat…

It’s funny. I know I have done and a few mods in my time here but I never seem to make any threads about them, they always seem so mundane or have already been done to make a thread about them.

Here are a few threads that could qualify, I figure I will qualify by shear volume if not by quality lol:

Texas Avenger drivers

PVC Sphere

Battery charging setup

Adjustable power supply

S2+ cigar rings

The bare aluminum L6, straight off the machine, from Simon Mao of Convoy! I think this is my Favorite mod I ever did or will do. From what it took to get it, during the early day’s of the L6 thread, how we shared knowledge/opinions and who made it happen (Jared), and all the unseen work, detail work, involved with this build, which most will never even notice! Like timing or indexing the battery tube, the center line is centered to the button,tactical ring centered and tail cap squared up to everything else. Or making a spacer to shim the e-switch and button up 1mm and shaving the retainer 1mm so it sits just below the surface like factory stock. Plenty of filing sanding stoning prepping and polishing, which is awful hard to do with a anodized light! :smiley:

Plus the built by hand top and bottom 17mm LD-2 driver adapter and retainer build with the uniqueness of being able to use both tail cap and e-switch to change modes!

Then being shocked at the output of the XHP70 P2-1C at 12 amps! Which has been reported to produce over 7000 lumens! :sunglasses: Normal people just see a flashlight, BLF (my) people see it as a work of ART! :wink:

HUH :frowning: just noticed, the Lug on the Bezel isn’t centered! :person_facepalming:

:smiley: How did I miss that!

I’ll post this one, it’s a bit different than most

Red Convoy triple, with amber, red orange, and red LED’s

Photos don’t always match reality.

Congrats on the 7000 posts ImA4Wheelr, and thanks for the giveaway.

I still remember reading Foy’s reviews on Solarforce lights, and it was inevitable that I pulled the trigger on a L2P. To this day, that is still my most used EDC light.

This was my first mod that I posted, showcasing the effect of heatsinking (or the lack thereof) in a L2P with copper sheets


Congrats on 7000! Here is my first mod thread I started because I had issues as a noob:

Only 3 days left to enter folks. Thank you to the entrants and for the nice comments/wishes.

Thank you ImA4Wheelr for the chance to win your 7000 Post Giveaway! The gift of money towards Mountain Electronics is a great prize and I agree about Richard’s tremendous contributions here at BLF.

Here’s my first official mod which was challenging at times, but also very rewarding: Cheapo AA Flashlight Mod

Bump for LAST DAY! :partying_face:

Here’s a through-PCB spring bypass direct-to-the-switch-leg I just did for a BLF A6:

Thanks for the bump DavidEF.

I don't know when the final time zone is, but I'm guessing it will be sometime in the middle of the night. I have a presentation with my boss tomorrow at 10:30ET. I'll shoot for doing the drawing during my lunch break.

Thanks to those that entered and to any that may enter before the final time of 4/20 (lol, just realized the implication of that). :)

Here is a some what simple old school mod I performed years ago.

Thanks for the give away

One of my recent mods. Swapped the old XP-E in my Surefire G2X with an XP-G3 R5 3000K 80+ CRI emitter. Fairly easy swap but one of my favorite results, fair increase in brightness and efficiency, and MUCH better emitter color. Its a pleasure to use now.

Hardest part was removing the lens and getting the MCPCB out. The MCPCB was glued in and uses pins to connect to the driver. Had to heat the whole head to get it out. 3D printed my own tool for the lens.

EDIT: Images didn't work, so here are links.





Congrats on the milestone ImA4Wheelr.
My first mod was helped along by a few early members that are no longer on the forum. Foy’s reviews were the best around at the time and helped inspire the best light I owned which I no longer have. The JM05.

Now why ImA4Wheelr? Do you like four wheelin?

My mod : What did you mod today? - #1371 by giorgoskok

Thanks for the chance , i appreciate it . Good luck to everyone .

I’ll post one for SB.