DQG 18650 EDC--World's Smallest 18650 Flashlight

That will probably come down to the particular battery. There is not really standardization for cells. Length can differ from brand to brand or even one mAh to another.

Plus, no one physically has the light in their possession yet so know will really know for sure yet. The risk you take to be a trendsetter. :slight_smile:

Hi Haterade,

Understood. This is the first time I’m doing a pre-order like this (before it really exists). Hopefully what is on the website will be accurate.


My fingers are crossed too! :slight_smile:

Maybe Ric will chime in again at some point but I am sure hes a busy gent.

I think it’s just bad English on their website. It’s trying to say it supports 18650 protected & unprotected cells, however when you buy the light you won’t get a battery with it.

+1 I agree.

Ordered…. xml2(cw)version in Ti color. Now the wait :smiley:

At $30 I cant resist a titanium xm-l2….
Really good price!

Remember that titanium is only the colour, not the material. Still a really good price though.

Would the producer of this flashlight please comment if a warm white XM-L2 version will be for sale? Thx

RedForest UK: I know, titanium in color only, otherwise it would really be a bargain! :slight_smile:

Any updates on this? I pre-ordered, but haven’t heard much :(…



We can only source back XML2 CW 1C tint for the moment.

XML2 NW has to wait 1-2 months, it’s too long for this project. So we chose XML T6-3C emiiter for DQG 18650 NW. It looks very nice too.


It support Size 65mm to 69mm 18650. So most 18650s can fit. 18700 can not fit.


Okay, I’ll check back again later! Thanks for the info!

Ric can you also post a picture of both colors side by side?

Does the driver have boost function?

+1 :slight_smile:

+2 :slight_smile:

Just pulled the trigger on one in the Titanium color with neutral tint. By the time it shows up I’ll have forgotten ordering it and be super surprised.

I got an email from Ric earlier today, confirming my order (black, NW).