DQG 18650 EDC--World's Smallest 18650 Flashlight

Next project—-DQG tiny 18650

Only Prototype Sample comes

Share some pictures with you guys.

Some comparation pics— You can see how tiny it is when comparing with other 18650 light.



Material: 6061-T6 Aluminum

Color : Black / Natural Ti color

Reflector: Glass optics lens

Mode: Low>>Mid>Hi;Head twist ON/OFF

Battery Type:1*18650 (Both protection or unprotected 18650 can fit well)

Size: 91mm(Length)*26mm(head diameter)*24.5mm(tube diameter)

Weight: 40g(not include battery)

stainless steel clip; stainless stell bezel
Tail-stand available


Pre-order available now at fancyflashlights


Retail price:35usd

Pre-order price: 30usd till 5th April


Oh snap! Look at that clip…. how much??

:open_mouth: surprise in the morning :open_mouth:

I’m on a tight budget right now……………it’s tempting for sure.
It’s smaller than my ITP but runs on a single 18650, which alone is a good reason to buy.

Will protected cells fit ?

Oh geez, I’m gonna want this. The DQG AA is my keychain light, and it’s awesome.

Ric, do you know the lumen numbers for the three modes?
Is it definitely going to be Low > Mid > High?
Will it have mode memory? (I hope not)
Will it be available in NW?

Please provide beamshots as soon as you can.

Do you think you could get a picture of it beside the DQG AA and AAA too?

Wow really looks good! :heart_eyes:



What is the current draw in each mode? Also will it have mode memory?

Must have one :slight_smile:

Wow! That is impressingly small and I like the color!
I hope for XP-G2 option though, that would fit it better IMO…

Sounds great indeed, but:

  1. do protected 18650’s fit
  2. Is it PWM or CC driven?
  3. Optics really made out of glass??
  4. NW or CW only?
    5)price is irrelevant :wink:

Thats a really EDC-able 18650 light for sure, looks great!

This forum just loves to hurt my wallet…. :slight_smile:

Havent gotten more than 1 of my 3 ordered new lights before I want another one! Hopeless….:slight_smile:

Pretty innocent addiction though…

I don’t need it… I don’t need it… I don’t need it… i d…yes, i need it! when and how much?

Do want!

hmm, very nice, I will buy one, but why not use the XML2 ??

Protected won’t fit for sure and chinese multimode twisty? Lol.
2 modes would be nice, but just imagine twisting through strobes, sos… no way!

I totally agree there is always an EagleTac with better specs/buildq./warranty/looks (just got the 2013D25ATixpgNW, I love it!), but I am also a huge fan of the beam profile of TIR optics.

I think kreisler wants to tell us that the volume of the eagletac is smaller, wich is obviously true.
Considering that, the DQG should be called the shortest 18650 light, in order to prevent misunderstandings. (what it truely is, as far as I know)
But that said, it would not be hard to also make the smallest volume flashlight if he would want to, just reduce the wall thickness?! Or am I missing something?

Not much thicker. Looks like ~24mm diameter to me.

Gimme two!))

I see your point, but reducing the diameter of the DQG to lets say “26mm head - 24mm body-tube” would not really hurt (I mean 27mm on the body-tube is a lot actually…) and it would indeed has the smallest volume. just saying…
After all its personal taste I think. :wink: