DQG 18650 EDC--World's Smallest 18650 Flashlight

Measuring from the photos, comparing to reference lights / 18650s, I would say: DQG head will be ~24mm, body ~23mm.

@Ric: Would you please confirm?

I took the dimensions from the description, but in the pictures it looks smaller, that’s right. If thats true, it renders all my drivel elaborate thoughts useless :smiley:

What’s wrong with chinese multimode twisties ?

ITP and Olight are chinese multimode Twisties :cowboy_hat_face: and they’re just fine and even the modes are the same.

low - mid - high, no strobe or blinky

The BLF EDC Edition?

Thought my UF 2100’s were pretty tight.
Can’t wait to get a couple for the road bike.


Stainless steel twisty - not for me. My DQG lll AAA left my keyring about 2 weeks after starting service. Can’t use it single handed easily.

TIR lens. But a floody or thrower type?

yes please, with xml2/xpg2, 3C-tint

Looks super sweet, Ric! Anyidea on what the price will be yet?

Looks great. The head looks slimmer than 29mm though, the SC600 is only 30mm.

The styling is about perfect, natural anodizing, stainless bezel. It just looks right somehow.

Agreed 100%! Every aspect of it looks just perfect. This little beauty is a must have and gets my nomination for hottest looking new light in the past year.

I must have.


A XML t6 3c and xpg2 4000k option would be great :slight_smile:

Current draw in different modes would be great to know

Why exactly?

There’s always demand for throw, no matter how small the light is :slight_smile:

The xml doesn’t even produce much more light unless you drive it over 2A.

I still think that the TIR lens with make or break this light depending what type it is.

Size? Well its just like a longer TF Mini 01 as I see it.