DQG 18650 EDC--World's Smallest 18650 Flashlight

With that no one would ask is that a flashlight in your pocket…….

Sounds cool, but does it run hot?

And that will depend on what each individual wants from the light. It’s a very subjective thing, flood vs. throw.
For me, and EDC needs a balance, with a lean towards flood. This light with a 15 degree TIR might do the job, maybe a 25 degree.

Any specs on the TIR dimensions? Is it even accessible in case we want to experiment?

My bet is that it will be floody. So it will just be a larger TF Mini-01 with longer runtime. But if it has more throw than the TF Mini then I’m interested.

Must have.


I gotta have this!

Nice light. Just don’t overprice it like you did the BTU Shocker…

The body is aluminium, so that shouldn’t be a problem.

I’m guessing pricing will be around $50, but hoping it’s closer to $40.

Huh? Of course the XML produces more light than the XPG.

And I use my DQG AA single handed easily.

I’m hoping for $30-$35 but I won’t argue with even less. :wink:

I’m with you JohnnyMac !
$$30-35 would be nice

$30 would be nice :slight_smile: i’d love to have it as my edc

^ This! Eagletac D25LC2 Mini that kreisler mentioned can be had for well under $50 and it is a well known brand with warranty.

I like it, other than the clip its good for me, and the clips removable….

Truth be told though, however it comes, some of us are going to tailor it to ourselves anyway, that’s the beauty of budget lights. :bigsmile:

I think Tecmo was implying that an XP-G2 R5 produces similar, if not practically identical, amount of light to an XM-L U2, while producing a tighter, higher-lux beam that appears brighter than the same amount of light in the XM-L’s floodier beam.

the smaller emitter lends itself better to a small light than the XM-L. Sometimes I get carried away…

Woops, so it is - thought it was stainless in the blisteringly bright afternoon London sun. :wink: Alternatively, I could have read the specs. My bad.

Yeah, XPG2 vs. XML of course.. but thats no fair comparison. :)

But I would also like to see a warmer option like with the DQG AA. Love the 4C tint. Nichia would be even better. :D

I think the XML is great for small lights. Those can be floody.. but the optic still gives a nice throw.

I’d like it to be sub-$35 too, and would probably only pick one up for under $35. But with the retail prices of the other DQGs I can’t see it being below $40. Maybe with a group buy price…

There have been more than a few high quality offerings in the compact 18650 EDC that are priced in the sub $20 category. Lets hope this one is priced competitively so that the many can own one. Sell them for $20 and I will buy more than one. Otherwise I’ll pass.