DQG 18650 EDC--World's Smallest 18650 Flashlight

Yeah the part that’s crossed out is exactly what I implied.

It’ll be hard to beat cngq’s own recent offering….


Pound for pound, this is one of the best 18650 edc sized lights available, I’ve been loving mine since I got it.

Still waiting mine…

I agree, “pound for pound” DQG will probably have hard time competing with + - 20$ lights but at least previous models have been worth the extra.
I have been looking for SC600 for looooong time but that price gets a bit too high for me.

I admit that I am susceptible to it:

What is putting me off with this xiaozhi light (and also with the EDC offered by Intl-outdoor) is that despite that they are probably great flashlights, to me they just look so boring!

And this new light looks great!

Well, the new one is about 2.5cm shorter.. not too bad. Eagletac are nice, but longer. :D

@Tecmo: I didnt get the part about XML vs. XPG2, you are right about that, but I think we should compare within generations. :P

Ok, I guess XM-L2 would be ok :wink:

I like that its understated, it suprises non flashaholic’s more - I was using it at work today, where I was working, they’ve been given SLA powered halogen spotlights, to inspect under vehicles….their unwieldy to say the least and they guy inspecting my job was struggling. Whipped out the little edc, clicked it onto high and handed it over……he just couldn’t believe the light out of that little thing, even commented on how nice the tint was compared to the led lights he used to :slight_smile:

Don’t get me wrong, I’m taken with this dqg, but sometimes, subtle and unassuming is fun too. :bigsmile: particularly when it packs a big punch.

So it always starts on high? Thats sad to hear.. low would be better.

It starts on Low, like other DQGs.


Awesome, I was confused because you wrote it in high-med-low order.

Any idea on the price? Group buy as introduction maybe?

One man’s meat, another Man’s potatoes.
(Have you ever said something a million times, then one day written it out…
and realised how stupid it sounds…)

Anyhows, sidetracked.

Was trying to say I like the understated knurling on an unadulterated cylinder paired only with the subtleness of vertical piping.
Also think the new design is a cracka!
Gonna get’em both. :slight_smile:

The specs are near perfect to me: 5%-25%-100%, 2A on high (better efficiency), no memory no blinkies, , 11 deg. TIR.

and good-looking, wow, going to get it

Ric - Do you think this light (or any of your others) will begin to offer XML2 soon?

Ric, given the TIR and same driver, how would the throw and beam compare between the U3 and a XPG2?

wow, this is exactly (almost) what im looking for. Im currently EDC’ing a Xeno E03 XML with a 14500 which is 97mm x 22mm. It fits in my “little” jeans pockets with a knife. But Im looking for soemthing in 18650 which is the same size (or smaller) with brighter output. I would really love to see a version with:

turbo output (or something over 600 lumens)
Strobe (i know, people hate this strobe mode but I want it)

Would be nice to have it be a little thinner like the QuarkX, Xeno S3A, CityCat Yee-Lic, D25L2C, etc which are all 18650’s at or under 23mm width. But at 86mm Length I feel like I would be asking too much.

Tell me when this is finished so I can buy it instead of the PALight V60!

On high Ric wrote it draws 2A, this will likely give a bit over 500 lumens OTF. As the lens is a plastic TIR I think you can not run it too hot or it will melt/deform, and also I think in this light (like the other DQG's) the led is mounted on the driver board. So I think 2A is very respectable for this small light.

XML at 2A puts out about 686 lumens. Assuming 20-30% loss that would be 480-550 OTF. So you are pretty much on spot there.

Are you sure about the lens? The one in my DQG AA feels so solid and has so few scratches..

And I dont know where you saw an LED mounted to the driver board on any DQG, but the DQG AA does have a screw-in pill.

hmm, ok I do not own the DQG AA, just the AAA in which the led is indeed mounted on the driver board and the TIR is plastic, you just now made me less sure about my assumptions.

I do not know of any glass TIR's commonly fitted in flashlights. Anyway, I'm surprised there is a complete pill (led and driver separated) in the DQGAA, and in this new light -if you consider the length- if there is a complete pill it must be a very very short one.

I like this, a lot, but I wish it was black.