DRY 3xT6 vs TR-J12 5xT6 - Which one?

Ok... So I have a skyray rev.0 , its served me well but I recently sold it to a friend. Now I'm in the market to get a new light....

I've narrowed the search down to these two - DRY 3xT6 or TR-J12 5xT6

Which would should I get? I thought about getting in on the group buy for the DRY but I hate to get the dry for $65 if the TR-J12 is going to be much brighter for only $5 more. I know brightness isn't everything and reliability is a big plus for me.... Whats the difference between the DRY version A and version B in that group buy thread?

Anyone have any recommendations?

Well, Version A has a step-down feature that automatically kicks the light down to High mode from Turbo after 20 seconds of continuous use. This is for the more casual user to prevent any harm or frying the driver. Version B has no step-down feature.

I prefer the DRY because it's more compact. I'm not into long, skinny lights. They feel too awkward. I'm all for parallel arrangement and I'm doing what I can to promote it! We need more options!

I wonder how long version B could stay on turbo before damage accurs ? also, does the dry have any low voltage shutoff or anything? do protected and unprotected cells work?

Personally Im skipping the Dry and going for the 5xT6. I already own 8 IMR 26650's to use in it. Depending on internals it screams for a driver upgrade. Wink

Yea man, I'm so torn between the two, and im trying to decide ASAP which to get, I don't want that group buy to end and then wish I would have gotten in on it. although, I don't want to buy the dry and wish I would have spent $5 more and gotten a brighter light. I don't own any 26650's so I'd have to buy those extra or use TF flame 18650's

Waiting for both, but i like most the trustfire. It manages better the heat, better battery source and better throw!

This shouldn't matter in the grand scheme of things, but I still can't get over the ugly factor of the DRY. And I normally like the short fatty look. But without knurling and with those ugly ribs and hideous crenelated bezel, it looks like a length of stovepipe to me.

Well, I bought the dry and some sayno cells in the group buy... I still like the idea of 5xT6 , and maybe I can pick one of those up once some more reviews come in.

On another note, does anyone know if the DRY 3xT6 is brighter then the Skyray 3xT6? I sold my skyray so I'm hoping this one will be brighter.

I ended up buying "Version B" (no step down) ,

Hopefully I did well.... even know the light is kinda ugly lol.

lights don't have to be pretty, but if you find them ugly, then yeah, it matters.

I don't find it repulsive, so I bought one. My black & decker 360s are ugly, but it doesn't bother me because the bad looks have a function.

The DRY's bad looks are just inattention. IOW, it bothers me because it wouldn't have been hard to do a little better - especially knurling.

But, I have no desire to own a long skinny 3 cell light w/ a tail switch, so I bought the DRY. If the trj12 had a side switch it would have been a very difficult decision, but I probably would have stuck with the dry because it will fit in a jacket pocket.

Agreed, The jacket pocket is what made me buy the DRY... means a lot to be able to fit in a pocket. I hope Ric sends me a good looking light, I always have a fear of getting something high dollar from china that doesn't work / has problems... the return shipping scares me.

it should. I've got a defective xtar d06 here that will probably get sent back. I'll save the story, and review, for after it gets resolved...

I still kind of like the "work horse" look of the DRY. I like the fact it's not trying to copy the new, faddy flashlight characteristics and is simply sticking with practical. Since this light is thick I don't think it needs knurling. You already have a better grip by virtue of its size and how you're holding on to it. I might even modify the surface of the body to make it even more work horsey

Wait for a review

The Dry has been out for a some time, so you know what it can do.

The TR-J12 5xT6 is still new and may have some issues early on that may surface when people start posting.

+1 , I think I'll do that.

Thanks for all your help guys.

One last question... Will the dry run fine with protected TF flames? or should I stick with unprotected sanyos

I think another member has already shared about using protected Flames with success. It might be worth searching. I ordered more XTAR 18700's because Ric is sending me a plastic carrier. I'll use that for now until I feel the need to use the metal carrier and I have appropriate cells. Otherwise, you can wait for ebay seller marrsinc to list protected Tenergy cells again, 4 x 18650 for $14.99. He says to check again next week.

I skipped the dry and waited for the new trustfire 5 x T6 I like the idea of 26650 batteries and battery tubes.

What kind of spare parts are you guys getting for your DRY, I've read of people getting metal battery carriers, o-rings, drivers and everything....

Does it come with a plastic battery carrier or metal? if plastic, where can I get the metal?

The TR-J12 i'm 99.95% sure is not brighter than the DRY in Turbo. Also, i am 95% sure that the TR-J12 does not have more candelas (throw) than the DRY.

I am 100% sure the TR-J12 is much much more efficient than the DRY in Turbo with a slight drop in output of 20%.

The DRY can survive at -20 deg C for 10 mins in Turbo coz of the way how cells work. With the aid of wind, it should be great. Drivers are easily available in case it breaks (I have nearly 9 on standby, after selling 1 off to a local flashaholic). 16mm stars are easily available and the host is easily swappable. You might swap it for future emitters and you can cut the MCPCB, just hope that it is still the same 120 deg spread and the hotspot won't be too funky. The DRY has 4 outputs, from about 0.2A to 4 or 5 amps depending on cells. The discharge plateau for most cells is reached when it slides down to 3.2-3.8A.

I am 100% sure that the DRY is much smaller and is holsterable. The TR-J12 even though could be holstered, it would be very difficult to get around in that due to polar inertia.

Awesome information 2100 , Thanks for your input.

Does anyone have any ballpark estimates on the runtime of the latest model of DRY using 2600mah sanyo cells? or even 2400 TF flames...

How long does it last on each mode?

Get both