DX US Direct sitewide 5% off, coupon code:BL5F,


DX USdirect aims to provide free expedited shipping service for all American Users. It is just 7 days delivery service

Now, to celebrate USdirect new domain DXSoul.com launch, we provide sitewide 5% off coupon for all flashlights.

Coupon Code: BL5F

Shop now to experience fast delivery service

Any coupons for other countries?


Sorry, at present, there is no coupon code for other countrys.


I just tried to but something for $14, the shipping charge was $10.

What happened to your website? It’s tortoise speed!!


Sorry, The mini order should be $25.

For order more than $25, it is free expedited shipping, 3-7 business days delivery.


Thanks for letting us know the problems. We have feedback our IT to study and resolve it as soon as possible.

It may be the following reasons:

1.Upload many big size banner that may take time to load

2. when login, place order and make payment, we need to call third part API

3. something like speical internet situation that we are not sure at present. we need you provide more information to help us solve it.

I send PM to you.


On July 16th, we switch usd.dx.com to new domain dxsoul.com, It may cause some inconvenience to visitors. Now all goes well.

Welcome to visit!!! Any questions, please don't hesitate to let me know, We will help resolve as soon as possible

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Coupon Code: BL5F has expired. :_(

Can I get an update from anyone who has used DXSoul recently. I have never placed an order with DX.com or DXSoul and I wanted to buy some parts and pieces but I don’t want to fall into a problem with deliveries and back orders. So should I trust either of these sites with an order?