E07 or D4S?

My addiction let me know,that it is a time for another flash light.
I consider one of those.

  1. D4S SST-20 4000K 95CRI
  2. FF E07 SST20 10W NW 4000K CRI95

I have to buy new cell in both cases.
Any pros/cons helping me choosing?

Buying both is not an option :smiley:

Cheers, Mike

I don’t have either but I’d go for the E07 (even with it’s teething problems) I love the D4 but I see it more of a ‘show’ light than a daily use one - which is why I haven’t got one! The sort of thing you pull out when a friend is round or boasting at work - ‘look how much light this little thing produces guys!’ I say this as I have an S41 which is rarely on highest, other than for this reason! (it’s still one of my favourites though)
If I was actually going to use one of these two daily for dog walks etc, the E07 would be my choice (and I do love those aux leds - but they both have those)

I asked the same question a month ago. I went with the E07 and now I’m really hoping I don’t regret my purchase when the light arrives.

If you want a ready to use light you don’t have to worry about go for the D4S, if you don’t mind a light you need to do some work to (take it apart, add thermal paste and put the screws back in the right holes) then maybe the E07 would be right for you.

Go for Fireflies if you like receiving stuff that is already broken and customer service is non-existent. I bought 2 lights from them and one took almost 3 months to arrive (was actually sent 1,5 month later then I was sent fake tracking number) and arrived with aux leds not working and tube not making contact with the tailcap/head. I wrote multiple emails to Fireflies and not a single one was replied to.
It’s really surprising that even they’ve got such horrendous quality issues everyone here on BLF just throws dollars at them like nobody’s business. I mean, I was also really excited about PL47 and E07 but I’m not going to support manufacturer that doesn’t care for customer enough to even pretend they’re trying to resolve the issue.
In E07 thread you’ve got a plethora of different issues with quality such as broken optics on every single copy [sic!] or absence of thermal paste.
Not sure what really makes D4S more of a ‘show’ light compared to E07 as construction is v similar - down to almost the same driver. Maybe the fact that having any Fireflies flashlight is not most inspiring to show off to anyone :smiley: D4S will have more throw if anything and that makes it more useful in my books.
Hank (Emisar) also tends to reply to emails that sets him light years ahead of Fireflies.

I would go for the D4S and wait for fireflies to settle down on the quality control issues before purchasing one.

I love my D4S

Same advice as AlexGT. I’d go for D4S, which has no known issues and does not require any design nor mnf process improvement. E07 has a potential to be very good flashlight, but it’s not there yet. So, buy D4S and later, when screws are on proper places, tir optic without broken legs, screws not worn out, thermal paste applied on mcpcb, no cutting sharp fins, bigger tube so usual 21700 batteries fit and don’t get crushed. I have one. I’ve planned to buy another combination, but I will wait before they sort out all problems and I recommend you to do the same.

Thanks guys, I knew I can count on you :slight_smile:

I’d like to add that D4S would be way throwier.

That is my concern, I would like spill too to light close range up to 50m but wall of light.
How is D4s with frosted optics?

You can just splash extra $4 and compare it yourself. Or just take the floodier one straight away.

I’m waiting for my E07 and have 2 D4Ss. Just some things to think about.

  • 1E07 will have more lumens because it has seven led v four.
  • E07 can use a 21700 or 18650 v 26650 in the D4s. If you already have cells of one type or don’t mind buying yet another battery configuration. Also, consider what chargers you have and if they will accommodate a new battery size.
  • D4S is available with a magnetic tail and without, magnet is quite strong-no problems yet, but be careful with credit cards or hotel room keys with magnetic strips. I actually had a hotel room key erase due to magnetic strip on ipad case.
  • E07 has a lighted power button that only turns off when battery is disconnected.
  • Aux light colors personal preference, but it seems E07 has more and different colors. But the D4S has 4 and they are quite nice as well.
  • D4S will have a throwy beam, especially with the sst20s.
  • E07 has Andruil v Ramping installed factory. Andruil gets you sunset mode (extended dimming till off), lightning storm, candle, etc.
  • E07 is going to be considerably heavier than the D4S.
  • E07 is a little longer than the D4S.
  • DS4 has been out longer and issues have been sorted. I expect, almost comically, when I get my E07 it will have a broken leg in optic.

Think I got one of those fake tracking #'s too. FF won't reply to my email either. All I asked was "what tracking site are you using that shows my e07 arrived in Canada already as the number you gave me does not show up anywhere?" Crickets ever since. This was the one I ordered almost 6 weeks ago. The second E07 I ordered about 3 weeks ago has a real tracking # and I should see it by the end of this week.

D4S without question.

Refer to today’s Reddit Post:


Of the 7 lights disassembled and checked by multiple users, all of them had this issue. DBCustom was one of the contributors to that thread.

Fireflies just doesnt have it together, and im not dealing with that.

D4S in my opinion.

The E07 will be a nice flashlight if they fix most of the current problems, but they keep adding on top of each other and the list become quiet long, i prefer to wait for a revision 2 before ordering one.

I was gonna recommend you the E07. But I guess I an an oddity. I love mine and have no issues with it. It is beautiful and I like it much more than my Emisar. However, since it is a gamble I would just wait or buy the D4s. I couldnt wait so I bought another E07

Personally, I think most of the “problems” reported with the E07 are overblown. This is a truly excellent light and I highly recommend it.

  • Broken leg on optic - irrelevant. It has absolutely zero effect on functionality of the light … and it isn’t even the first light to do this. The Emisar D4 ships with 2 out of 4 legs on the optic intentionally broken off to make way for screws to hold the star down and nobody complains about it.
  • Improper thermal paste under star - possibly no effect or even beneficial on some E07 models. It has little effect on the performance of the XPL HI versions for instance. Heat sinking is still quite adequate, and the head still gets hot when turned on high or turbo. In one respect, the lack of proper thermal path might even be beneficial as it lets you hold the light longer without burning yourself.

That’s a good thing in my opinion, because for small pocket rockets like this one, the weak point is how much heat your hand can take, not the LEDs. The purists will object that it’s the “wrong” way to do it, and the LEDs are being damaged or underperforming. But from a practical perspective, the LEDs are going to outlast the flashlight no matter how much they are abused. And what is the point of having proper thermal path if it means the light has to ramp down even faster to prevent your hand from being burnt? … the net effect is even LESS sustained output.

Having extensively modded small lights into triples, sometimes what works best is having just enough heatsinking so that the star doesn’t desolder itself. Any more than that is sometimes counterproductive.

However, it is possible this could be causing an issue with SST20 emitter version. But then again… the blue-shifting people experience with SST20 might be caused by too much current and not heat. No way to know for sure until someone with one bevels the bottom of the star and adds thermal paste.

  • Delivery not matching up with order - ok this is a problem, but not a huge one for such an awesome light. I ordered ice blue bezel lights and got purple instead. Having seen pictures of them both, I’m actually glad I got the purple. Looks great!
  • Slow delivery - depends on where you live I guess. Here in California, Fireflies’ free shipping takes a little less than 2 weeks, and DHL expedited shipping can take less than one. Seems fine to me. Quite fast actually.

I’d not call them overblown. (And you forgot the most important one about battery fitment). First, people know about crashed batteries. Later, I found out worn out screws, that (AFAIK) everyone who took light apart, confirmed. While checking screws, some noticed wrong screw placement and broken leg. We did not know about the thermal paste missing until yesterday. It is too soon to say that we know about all issues. I still believe it will be an awesome flashlight in the future, when all those problems are solved, but not yet.

What light will do 1000 lumens the longest?

Wasn’t there an question about the M43 thermal paste early on as well. I think Hank later said that he was using a different kind of paste that worked better with the tolerances or some reason. I’ll reserve judgement.

Fireflies should AT LEAST have issued a warning to refrain from using the 30T or similar high amp batteries if that really is the issue. Some customer that gets recommended the E07 and buys the 30T will end up with killing his light without any warning is not acceptable in my opinion. What they did instead was after the incident happened, pasting on page 30 as the 901st comment of some flashlight internet forum (ours) as a footnote that:

Or is there any other source for that?