I bought something recently on Ebay from seller “vstore999e”, which arrived rather quickly. On the back of the envelope:

I thought it was familiar as I have received spam about this site before (probably got my email from using Ebay), but I have never registered or bought from the site directly.

Has anyone bought from the EachBuyer.com site before? What was your experience?

never heard of

Never heard of them, but after reading this thread, I was more confused:


The email in that thread was signed by “Your eBay Team”! I did not read the spam I received. I just remember the address. I wonder if they have a legitimate reward points like FastTech and DX (not really an incentive to shop there though).

Anyway, this spamming and lying makes me not trust them, even though I got my package really quickly.

I have bought a lot of items from EachBuyer.com, they have a legitimate reward points like FastTech and DX and i have received and a coupon once a time.

Thanks, Ste-zo!

I have read that eachbuyer may be a scam, I can prove it. They take money from your paypal, correctly, then after change your order form to delete items that you have paid for then deny the items existence. Be careful with their promos. No worth the pixels used. Offers for 99c but you cannot get through checkout as they cancel your order and after so many attempts you just give up. When I complained, they asked me to spent $29 to reinstate my $6 order. Careful folks!!!

lol its so funny to see these old reviews of eachbuyer